Today we celebrate the 12th birthday of the iconic DVD, ‘Britney: In The Zone.’

The DVD is Britney’s fifth video release, in support of her fourth studio album under the same name.

The DVD contains her ABC concert special, ‘Britney Spears: In The Zone,’ as well as performance footage to promote her, ‘In The Zone,’ album.

The DVD also includes her music videos for, ‘Me Against The Music’ and ‘Toxic,’ as well as, ‘Making The Video,’ footage for both videos.

The DVD included a music CD including unreleased tracks, including one written by music legend, Linda Perry.

The DVD was certified 2xPlatinum by the RIAA and reached Platinum status in several other countries.

‘Sippin’ On,’ under it’s original title, ‘Tell Me What You’re Sippin’ On,’ was initially to be included on the DVD, but was later omitted. Britney then decided to release the song, with the inclusion of the rapper AC, on her ‘Blackout’ album, but was also later left out of the final track list, due to an early leak.

Celebrate this milestone with us by watching the ABC special.

Ahh, the great memories! Happy Birthday!