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Pretty Girls has finally arrived and is available all around the world! Well… almost all around the world… the UK will just have to keep calm and wait until the 14th of June… BUT….WHAT A SMASHA! This track is so HOT it has us sweating like a fine CHEESE!

This absolute BOP of a track has taken the world by storm! Not only has Pretty Girls been trending on Twitter for days (along with over 5 million Vevo views and over 1.1 Million Spotify streams – may we add) – the radio stations are completely lapping the track up! In fact so much so – Brit broke her Hold It Against Me record for the most radio spins! 804 so far to be exact!

SLAM DUNK – another hit under the BRITTER BELT. The critics are raving about Pretty Girls, looks like we have our summer anthem that we all wanted! UK – the news is not all bad for you! The UK’s biggest (and best) radio station is loving the track and has added it to their playlist! Make sure you tune in and request the song every day!

Now, in other Pretty Girls news… Remember the Britney car we posted about last week? The one that had us all CONFUZZLED? Well, we finally have an answer for it! The ever original B decided to do something a little different to promote the Pretty Girls single. Queen B partnered up with UBER TAXIS to create these mean BEE machines to BUZZ around the city and allow fans to listen to the track hours before the release.

This is Just TOTES SICK! When will your fave? Talking about SICK – did you manage to see the new iTunes headers? They are TOTALLY the ILLEST!

We were already hyped about the Pretty Girls music video that is slated for release this week, but this has just raised our heart monitor! B is looking FLY!

Just in case you’ve been acting BIZZZAAR and have not yet heard the track – be ready for TOTAL SLAYAGE. You will be hitting repeat all day – you have been warned..

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Also do not forget to Shazam Pretty Girls when you hear it for a chance to win Vegas tix!

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They are at it again – that PERFECT couple, rubbing their PERFECTNESS all up in our GRILL… If we did not have our ice-cream buckets shoved in our faces right now – we would not be able to cope with the overload of emotions. We are so JEL – we just cannot deal! Just look at these 2… they are so 1, you would swear we were looking at an OCTOPUS with 2 heads!

CUTENSS OVERLOAD! We love how they are taking time out of their busy schedule to focus on what comes first – family. BTW – Jayden must be the coolest kid on the block! You cannot get a cooler MOMNEY than Brit to attend a soccer match!

Brit also made sure to remind us that her SPORTY SPICENESS is still intact! We all know Brit is great at Basketball – but football too? Brit sure knows how to handle her balls… We would like to say that the INNUENDO was not intentional – but it totally was… Sorry – not sorry…

Rumour has it Brit and Charlie also went out for dinner this week. The source claimed that they sat on the same side of the table and held hands… Our hearts melt.. relationship goals are set!

Talking about food – check out this HILLARE post from Brit this week. You would not believe how often this face is pulled here at HQ – it is actually surprising we get any work done!

B – you just totally get us! Many LOLS when we saw this!

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HOLY SPEARS! 15 YEARS! We actually cannot believe this POP PHENOMENON of an album was released 15 years ago! Well in Japan that is…

Still the record holder for the highest 1st weeks sales by any female artist!! Haters’ gonna hate, hate, hate, hate hate… I suppose it is alright though.. they can just shake it off…

Moving on SWIFT-LY…. Since the UK has been a little left out this week with a late PURRRTY GURRLS release – why not celebrate some key dates instead? Not only did the album turn 15 – but the LEAD single also debuted at #1 in the UK chart 15 years ago this week too! DOUBLE WHAMMY!!

This whole era was full on, what you see, is what you get PERFECTION! Talking about that… Justice for WYSIWYG – totally single worthy! Oh OOPSNEY! *SWOON*

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I do not think we have actually ever used this title – and why we have not is beyond us.. What spurred this on? Well maybe we have just been watching way too many episodes of Game Of Thrones.. who knows… but back to the point, the Queen Mother, Lynne Spears celebrated her Birthday this week!

Happy Birthday week Lynne! We hope you had an amazing week! Hope Britney Jean spoilt you rotten!

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Is it just us – or did you also try to say the header to this topic in a Count Dracula voice.. Ok maybe that is just us – WHATEVS – no one ever said we were sane you know… but if by the off chance you did – you would have figured out we meant that Queen B has officially hit 1 Million Followers on Vine this week.. PUNNY, now that we explain it… right?

Well, that was awkward.. Anyways, Congratulations B – yet another social media win!

We could watch that on loop all day!

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The ever generous Ellen brought her A-GAME this week! First she started off with this EPIC Pretty Girls promotion, which had us all in stitches:

Then she went and revealed that Ms Spears would be making an appearance on the Ellen show:

As if that was not enough – she only went and bloody did it and topped it all off by giving away a free Piece Of Me Vegas ticket to every single audience member!!

We would actually like to know how many emergency calls the Ellen show had to make after breaking the news. Ellen – you super STAN – we never knew we could love you more than we already do. Judging by your serious B stanning this week – we have a feeling you may already have registered with Britney Galaxy… and if you are.. OH HEY HEY!!

We wish! See the FULL Ellen segment HERE

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Well it makes sense right? If men are from MAARZZ then these girls are definitely from VEENIZZ -‘cause they are out of this world! Remember the Marilyn Manroe-esque Esquire photo-shoot Brit did? Well this flawless pic appeared online this week.

HUBBA HUBBA Brit! SSSSMOOKIN’ – we defo need more pics from this shoot – let the leaks flow! In other VENIZZ news – more flashbacks from space have appeared this week. This super slick Nasty performance from the BOMT tour also appeared online:

Janet would be super proud! We personally think that a Janet/Britney colab should be next! Janet is after all B’s inspiration – so the joining of these ICONS would be INSANE! Whilst we are talking about inspiration, check out this post from B on Twitter:

Looks like Brit has found her GURRL CRUSH! Power week for all the PRETTY GRILS out there and perfect timing with the release of your lifetime ANTHEM! Wipe the floor with all dem boys! Although, on second thought, let’s not – that is not what boys mean when they say let’s get DOWN and DIRTAAAY!

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SCREAMING! This made us LOL so loud – we burst light bulbs – SHATTERED GLASS we tell ya! Remember that MET GALA event Brit did not go to? The one with that KITTY, GAGS and MAD pic? Well a Brit stan decided to change that and added NEYDE to help make the pic ICONIC! In Fact they did it so well, the UK failed to realise it was fake and aired it on Morning TV!

We prefer this pic waay better than the original, even though some FURRY PURRIES (that is what the fan base is called right?) thought that B stole Katy’s moment. Well you know what they say, whatever floats your BOAT, also feeds the GOAT… actually, what the hell does that even mean? And is that actually a saying? We suppose it is now… Anyways, It is great to see Brit help other celebrities make headlines. Ever so charitable!

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So it appears that ankle roll was a torn ligament! OUCHIES! Which meant that anyone who traveled to see Brit perform in Vegas this week were left a little sad… okay a lot sad… as some shows needed to be cancelled following advice from B’s doctor.

But nothing would stop our Brit from keeping fit and working extra hard to get ready for her next shows – to gym it was, boot or no boot!

HELL YEAH! PREACH IT SISTA! We hate mornings too! They should really consider allergy to mornings as a medical condition.. it would really help at the HQ’s when we stroll in late with sleep in our eyes and hair that is still yet to be styled. THE STRUGGLE!

But all news has not been bad this week! Piece Of Me is finally back! Brit gave the BOOT a BOOT and wasted no time getting back on stage!

SLAY B! #ByeByeBoot see you NEVA! Glad to see ya back on stage Brit! Looking fine! The long hair is back!

For those of you who missed the show due to cancellations, it is not all bad news! Not only are your tickets transferable – but extra Piece Of Me dates have officially been confirmed, in fact Brit informed Ellen on her stop over this week that she is extending for another 3 months. Check out the dates below:

Rumour has it that the Vegas contract may be coming to an end soon… We not sure if this is true – but TAKE NO RISKS! Get your tix to POM now!! To get you even more excited Pretty Girls is being added to the set list soon!

That is all for this week FOLKS! We are so excited for next week! BRING ON THE PRETTY GIRLS VIDEO! We are ready to be slayed. Talking about SLAYAGE – we will leave you with this Ed Sheeran performance of BOMT – what a LEGEND!  What is AIR? Till next week y’all

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