ROUND 2 IS HERE! Whilst we patiently (or not in most cases) wait for the Pretty Girls music video – here is something to bide the time…

We received a total of 107 nominations! INSANE! What a bunch of HOTTIES!

But now it is time to vote for those who are nominated!

The rules are very SIMPLE. There will be 19 categories. You need to choose a MAXIMUM of 3 per category.

PLEASE WAIT FOR ALL 19 CATEGORIES TO BE POSTED BEFORE VOTING. You need to be a UNIVERSE member to be able to vote.

You do not have to choose 3 per category – but you cannot choose more than 3. Control your THIRST!

There is a category at the moment of people with no pics –  if you can please place a pic (if that is you) to make voting easier – NO PIC = NO ROUND 3! Got to be in it to win it! Without a pic….

Round 2 will last 1 week – where the shortlist will be revealed and you will get to vote again in ROUND 3 for the semi -finalists.

Round 4 – will be the reveal of the top 20. Click on the Universe link and get voting!! May the odds forever be in your favour!