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Dancing With The Stars had Britney themed night! Check out the performances here!


Britney praises #freebritney movement in her latest social media post!

How amazing is she?!😭❤️ Britney Spears we will never stop fighting for you! We love you so much!❤️🙏 #freebritney

Also our queen doesn’t age!

John Zabel has filed an acknowledgment of receiving the handbook on conservator’s duties!

Do your best John and don’t let our girl down!

Britney and Sam are celebrating their engagement and big victory in court by going on a vacation!

As we know, Britney and Sam got engaged on September 13! And now Britney got a big win in her court case, there is a lot to celebrate!

Britney’s dad Jamie is suspended! September 29 conservatorship court hearing recap!

Britney Army did it! We did! Britney is now one step closer to total freedom! Jamie got suspended on September 29 and got replaced temporarily by John Zabel. Next hearing will be on November 12th when the conservatorship will be terminated altogether.

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