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#FreeBritney sign social media campaign!!

#FreeBritney sign social media campaign!!

Attention Iconic Flawless Britney Army Fans!!!!!!!!

We want to keep the #FreeBritney movement going STRONGER than yesterday! Some fans have inboxed us and requested post this idea on our website, and we are ALL for it!!  Fans are requesting that everyone makes a sign or you can write it on a piece of paper that uses the hashtag #FreeBritney. See example below:

Be sure when you post, to use the hashtag #FreeBritney and be sure to tag us so we can RT them and share them on our social platforms, we want EVERYONE to participate in this and of course be sure to tag Britneysgram, so they can see it as well! Have fun and keep being motivated to FREE BRITNEY!!

Britney Fans gathered outside West Hollywood City Hall demanding to #FreeBritney!

Britney Fans gathered outside West Hollywood City Hall demanding to #FreeBritney!

It’s Free Britney Bitch TIME and we at absolute Britney support this 100%!! The time is come to FREE our Queen Britney! This year is going to be Britney’s year and we just have to continue praying for her!! Keep giving her the strength and positive vibes she needs! We have SO much faith in her!!

Our iconic Britney Gram girls, organized a “Free Britney” rally outside West Hollywood City Hall demanding to #FreeBritney. The girls along with other iconic Britney army fans were outside protesting for our Queens freedom check out some pictures below:

Also our friends from ET were there and interview our flawless Britney Gram gals! Check out the interview below:

You all are freaking badasses!



Just listen by clicking here.

Thank you Britneysgam for sharing this information with the Britney Army. This breaks our hearts and we need to #FreeBritney.

PS: To all the fans please listen by your own choice, we felt it was the right thing to do by posting this. It is time to fucking Free our girl Britney.

Be Kind. Be Positive. Most of all be a Badass like Britney Spears.

Be Kind. Be Positive. Most of all be a Badass like Britney Spears.

I want to be a Badass like Britney fucking Spears, do you want to know why? This is what inspired me more to be a Badass like her. Just yesterday news broke out that Britney Spears checked into either a “Wellness Center or a Psychiatric Center”, at this point we are not entirely sure which one is true, but either or she checked into a center, and getting the held she needs. The question is WHY is she doing this….


……..quite frankly its not our dam business.


Now you may be asking, why do I, Anthony, feel that this makes Britney Spears a fucking badass? I will tell you why. It is because it takes such STRENGTH, COURAGE and BRAVERY to check yourself into a place to get the HELP you need. There are people that don’t take their physical, mental and spiritual health seriously. When most people don’t want to fix the problem they usually 9 times out of 10 go to a very DARK place and it is VERY hard to get out of. Think about all the people in this world that turn to drugs or suicide, it’s very upsetting and disheartening.

What Britney did yesterday, was absolutely inspiring and made me think of her has such a fucking Badass. I don’t care why she is there, the fact that she acknowledged she needed to get help is such a Badass move, that I know she probably saved SO Many lives just by her actions. Her actions is telling the WORLD that it is OK to get HELP in time of need and also it’s ok to not be ashamed of ANYTHING you need to get help on within yourself. The media can always change into something so POSITIVE into something so NEGATIVE, that just shows how much HEALING the media needs and how cold hearted they can be, remember when people post negative things about someone it is either they envy them or they have their own issues they can’t cope with and they lash it onto someone else, we just need to always send them LOVE and PRAY for them.


Thats why I, Anthony, wanted to write this article and say that Britney Jean Spears inspired me and other people around the world, that it is OK to get HELP and to take ME TIME, no matter what the situation can be.  I have so much faith in Britney that she is going to be coming back stronger than yesterday, she always does, because she is a fucking badass. Now all we have to do is just be KIND. SEND HER POSITIVE VIBES and MOST OF ALL HAVE FAITH! Don’t feed into the negativity  that is put out there about Britney, just be silent and send them LOVE. The more we feed into negativity the more we lose our positive self and we know that’s now what Britney wants. She wants us to just send them love and be the better person. We need to just have Faith that she is going to be coming out like the Badass that she is and most of all that she is Britney Fucking Spears. A Icon. A Legend. A role Model. A Mother. Most of all a Fucking BADASS. 


Love YOU Britney! Sending you so much LIGHT, LOVE and POSITIVE VIBES YOUR WAY! Thank you for inspiring me and never being afraid to show the world its OK to be who you are and get the help you need in a time of need.  We all will be PRAYING FOR YOU and SENDING YOU AMAZING BEAUTIFUL VIBES!!! 



[email protected] Is Coming Back Soon!

.@britneyspears Is Coming Back Soon!


Britney Spears might be returning to the spotlight soon, according to an article from Entertainment Tonight! There is great news regarding her dad, Jamie Spears! He is reportedly doing “much better“! We are so glad that her dad is recovering and doing better!

In the ET article, a source told them “Britney loves her career and her fans, so the decision to step away from her career wasn’t easy, but she just wanted to be there for her dad, as he’s always been there for her.” The source also said “She definitely plans to return to performing once she knows her father is in the clear.”

You’re in our thoughts, Jamie Spears! We wish you a full recovery!

We love you, Britney Spears!


Stream her amazing Bloodpop produced and Justin Tranter written bop, “Better”, while we wait for our queen to return and slay us all!


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