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Lynne Spears is being a total BADASS right now and we LOVE it!!!!

Lynne Spears is being a total BADASS right now and we LOVE it!!!!

Queen Lynne is about to turn shit UP!

According to our friends over at the blast, Lynne Spears is jumping into Britney’s Conservatorship Battle to help our Queen Britney!!!

According to court records obtained by The Blast, Lynne Spears filed a request Monday morning, requesting special notice and asking to be informed of all matters pertaining to Britney and her conservatorship. Lynne is also using her own attorney to file the paperwork! Sources close to Britney’s conservatorship tell The Blast Lynne actually spoke with Jamie before filing her documents, as she has mainly received her information about Britney through Jamie for years (but Absolute Britney feels Jamie and Britney’s team have been lying to Lynne a lot throughout the years on what is going on with Britney or even keeping her in the loop), and she wants to take a more proactive approach. Lynne now wants all the information as it officially comes in from the court, and Britney’s team has apparently always been supportive of Lynne being involved with the ongoing situation. At this point, Lynne has not made a move to become an actual conservator, but nothing is out of the question as she begins to get more involved.

We feel that Lynne does not want to take over the Conservatorship, but wants to get Britney out of it! Team B and Jamie have really been taken advantage of Britney and it is just cruel. What we ask of the Britney Army to do is just to keep praying that all things will continue going strong. Don’t get mad at news outlets not reporting things, don’t get mad if people are not buying this whole #FreeBritney thing. Respect the people that don’t wish to post about it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We can’t waste energy on trying to change how people feel. The Britney Army right now needs to focus all of our energy on Britney and her mother, fighting this battle and to get Britney FREE! Keep praying and sending good vibes. Remember all GOOD ALWAYS FUCKING WINS!!!

PS: Even fans are going crazy over this news!!!


Britney Spears fans connected Spears recent photoshoot message!

Britney Spears fans connected Spears recent photoshoot message!

Ladies and gentlemen, Britney’s got a little story to tell
About an iconic pop star and how she suddenly fell
See everyone knew her, they knew her oh so well
Now she is taking over to release her from her spell!

On Saturday, May 3rd, Britney’s team recently posted a current photoshoot, that was done by Britney herself; check out the post below:

Fans were very skeptical about this recent post mainly because it was very unusual of Britney to do such a serious photoshoot at this time. Some fans were concerned when they saw this photoshoot; they thought her team was forcing her to do her iconic instagram photoshoots just to cover up their asses and of course to try to silence the iconic #FreeBritney movement, which will never happen! But that was not the case…

It seems Britney was sending a message to the world and her fans, but the question is, what was it? When it comes to the Britney Army, we always like to do an investigation when it comes to our queen Britney, because we never get the truth from her team; we only get the truth when we do all the research ourselves. Eventually, the Britney Army did an investigation and they have discovered that Britney was sending a message to the world through her recent photoshoot.

Fans have picked up that Britney was recreating one of Janet Jackson’s album titled “Control”….

But that is not all, there is also a song on Janet Jackson’s album titled “Control” and these are the lyrics:

This is story about control
My control Control of what I say
Control of what I do
And this time I’m gonna do it my way
I hope you enjoy this as much as I do
Are we ready?
I am ‘Cause it`s all about control,
And I’ve got lots of it
When I was 17 I did what people told me
Did what my father said,
and let my mother mold me
But that was a long ago,
I’m in Control – Never gonna stop
Control – To get what I want
Control – I like to have a lot
Control – Now I’m all grown up
First time I fell in love, I didn’t know what hit me
So young and so naive, I thought it would be easy
Now I know I got to take
Control – Now I’ve got a lot
Control – To get what I want
Control – I’m never gonna stop
Control – Now i’m all grown up
Jam, woo woo…
Rebel, that’s right
I’m on my own,
I’ll call my own shots
Thank you
Jam, woo woo…
Rebel, that’s right
I’m on my own,
I’ll call my own shots
Thank you
Got my own mind
I want to make my own decisions
When it has to do with my life, my life
I wanna be the one in controlSo let me take you by the hand,
and lead you on this dance (Control)
Is what I’ve got, because I do with chance
I don’t wanna rule the world,
just wanna run my life (ooh
So make your life a little easier …
When you get the chance just take controlControl – Now I’ve got a lot, ooh
Control – To get what I want, oww!
Control – I’m never gonna stop
Control – Now I’m all grown up, ohh!

Free…at last
Out here on my own
Ooh ooh ooh yeah, hee
Now control this…

Uh Control – That’s right
Control – Career moves
Control – I do what’s right for me
Control – And me wants to groove, Is that ok?
Yeah…Oooh, Control

I’ve got own mind
Ooh baby
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
I’ve got my own mind
Wanna make my own decisions
When it has to do with my life
I wanna be the one in control

Hop to it
I’m in control, and I love it, hahaha… thats right
Now I’ve got a lot
Now I’m all grown up Aahh!
I’m in control – Uhhh
I’m in control – Ahhhh I’m in control
Uhhh Don’t make me lose it!

More fans started to pick up on this message…
In this photoshoot, you can see in Britney’s eyes that she has had it and wants control over her life again.  Britney has a scheduled court hearing this Friday May 10th.
Fans are planning to attend the court hearing to show their support for our queen Britney!!!
We have a very strong feeling that Britney will be getting control over her life again and things will be very different once that happens! We just have to retain faith and the world needs to think in a positive way. With all the people who have worked with her who are speaking out, let it give you the strength and motivation to keep spreading the word! Britney has saved us through her music throughout the years! Now it’s OUR turn to save HER!
Oh and PS: A little birdie did tell us that the “Janet Jackson Control album” concept and the influence it had over the photoshoot, is true. It was ALL Britney’s idea! 😉  
It’s time to #FreeFuckingBritneySpears!!!

A letter to Britney Spears…. # FreeBritney

A letter to Britney Spears…. # FreeBritney


Dear Britney,

We wanted to tell you from the bottom of our heart, that we will always support you a 100%. The entire world wants you to be free and wants you to be happy again. We want you to know that you are one of the strongest women, we all look up too. Britney you are so loved by so many people in this world, you are probably the most loved and talked about celebrity in this world, which makes you very unique, because you are unique DUH.  You have always been very unique since day one in your fans eyes, which is why our love for you is always endless. There has been a lot of things said in regards to your current situation from people who have had contact with you all around the world. This might be confusing an unsettling, so we wanted to write this little short letter to tell you it’s going to be alright. We want you to know the Britney Army LOVES you and will ACCEPT YOU ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT. Don’t let anyone change your mind or manipulate you. We want you to follow your gut, live a happy life, go on vacations, spend time with your children, make iconic music (when you are READY) and most of all be FREE. Nobody can ever imagine what you are going through and it may be hard, but just know The Britney Army is here to support you ALWAYS. We just want you to be happy again, that’s all we ever want for you.. Remember this:


We are always sending you positive vibes and most of all prayers to give you strength! We love you so very much Britney. You have saved ALL Of US through your music, now it’s our turn to save you Britney.


The Truth About Why Fans Can Never Interact With Britney. #FreeBritney

The Truth About Why Fans Can Never Interact With Britney. #FreeBritney

Hi Everyone,

It is Anthony here! WOW there has been so much going on these past couple of weeks and all I can say is THANK GOD it’s all surfacing now, but that’s something I did not want to speak about. I have kept very quiet about certain things but now I feel is the right time to share it with you all.

Soo….here it goes……


You all know I use to speak to Britney’s team. I was very close with them. It all started when I reached out to Team B telling them, that we need to bring the “spark” back when it comes to the fans because we keep getting paid to the dust. Then the next day I received an email back asking them if I can help them bring the spark back because they were open to suggestions, so I said sure why not, because all I wanted was the fans to be happy and of course Britney. So I am sure you all saw during the whole “glory” era, it was a great time for fans, I sent Team B ideas of sending prizes to the fans, sending cards to the fans, trending hours, I would give them a list of fans on twitter of who never got a tweet from, “Britney” (notice how I put that in quotation), which fans were ill in the hospital, inspiring stories, or anything of that sort that had to do with the fans was all me. They called me their “fan- spy”, which I did not mind, because at the end of the day I wanted the FANS to be happy. There were some battles about ideas, which was weird but I let it go. I thought things where going great until……

I started opening my mouth more…..


I was on a call with Team B, because I wrote an email to them about how I felt they were mimicking our website on that “The Britney Army Account”, and also I wanted to be about what they should be doing during the piece of me shows, when Britney still had her Las Vegas residency. I said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we selected two or three die heart fans that attend Britney show to meet Britney, that have never met her before, I know all the fans that are attending the show and I can send them to you, I feel the fans and Britney would like that. The response I got was “No WE can’t do that”. I then stopped was like, “well why can’t you ask her?” and they said “no she wouldn’t want that”. Then I was like ok, then why don’t we do a freak show victim, I mean no offense you guys pick random people, why can’t we choose fans instead, I bet she would love that, the response I got “No WE can’t do that”.  Notice how I keep bolding WE because already it shows THEY make the decisions not her.  I was very taken back. I then said “Ok but Britney loves her fans though, why can’t they meet someone they look up too”, then they told me they had to run and they HUNG UP on me. I was speechless and really upset. I am sure if Britney heard about this she would have been fuming, but like always they don’t tell her any of this, they just manipulate her.


There was SO much drama about the M&Gs, how fans were being RUSHED all the time during the meet and greets and how Britney’s Negative ass assistant, Robin, always rushed her, (but I always DO pray for her and send her love that she finds healing in her life), but anyway the stories were just breaking my heart, so what I did was I wrote an email to Team B about the whole situation, and did I get a response back NOPE. I ALWAYS got a response back but NOPE I did not at all, its like they did not even care, not even an email back saying, ok we will look into it, NOTHING at ALL. I thought ok maybe I am over reacting and maybe they got busy, so I texted fans that did the M&G and they said nothing has changed, and Robin was rushing them even more!! I then sent two more emails about this situation and got NO response.  Anytime there was a complaint about from the Britney Army, there was NO response. NOTHING.  When I wrote to them about the Crappy merchandise, NOTHING BACK. It just seemed it was all about MONEY and that was it, who cares what the feedback was like, as long as they got their money’s worth it don’t matter. I also was told they only allow the meet and greets because they know fans will pay the money, that’s why they charge so much, because we are just MONEY to her team.It just broke my heart so much.

I know I have been quiet on this whole situation but I felt it was the right time to post this, because I feel anything can help. I just wanted you the fans to know the truth, and this is WHY you never see her with fans, because it is her TEAM, for whatever reason they just don’t want her fans to go near her or even speak to her, it’s because they make the decisions for her.  Anytime she tries to sign anything when she sees her fans,  her team pushes her away, it’s almost they are scared if she talks to her fans , because maybe her fans will tell her the TRUTH and give her the awaken she needs.  I know she LOVES her FANS so much but her team just stops us from interacting with her!! I was just very happy the TRUTH is all finally surfacing and coming out. I just want YOU the fans to know, I fought so much for you all, I tried and TRIED and TRIED so much, but I just gave up. That’s why I backed down from Team B, I just couldn’t do it anymore, because they way they represented Britney Spears is VERY poorly, and that’s something I did not want to be apart of anymore. Please keep fighting and speaking out for our GIRL and don’t be fooled by her recent instagram post because that is NOT her. It’s time to free our girl Britney everyone. This is the year that she will get her freedom. Sending you all positive vibes and I love you all very very very much.


PS: I want to say too, I am VERY grateful for getting special recognition in the pass BUT, I am not going to stand  here and see someone who everyone looks up to getting mentally abused, taken advantaged of by her father and her team. I just don’t have the heart to do that. She has helped so many fans through her music and I can’t just sit here knowing, I can do A LOT to help the one beautiful person we all look up to. It’s the fans time to help her now. 











Sony Pictures has acquired the movie rights to the Britney Spears–inspired musical!

Sony Pictures has acquired the movie rights to the Britney Spears–inspired musical!

Sony Pictures has won an auction for screen rights to the Broadway-bound Once Upon a One More Time, a fairy tale fueled by the hit songs of Britney Spears. The stage version world premieres this fall at the James M. Nederlander Theatre in Chicago, before heading to Broadway next year!

In Once Upon a One More Time, Cinderella, Snow White and the other fairy tale princesses gather for their book club when a rogue fairy godmother drops The Feminine Mystique into their corseted laps, spurring a royal revelation. The musical features such Spears hits as Oops I Did It Again, Lucky, Circus and Toxic. The musical features an original book by Jon Hartmere and is directed by Rock Of Ages‘ Kristin Hanggi with choreography by Keone and Mari Madrid (Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself).

This is awesome news!


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