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Britney Spears father committed her to a mental facility against her will! #FreeBritney

Britney Spears father committed her to a mental facility against her will! #FreeBritney

The truth is FINALLY out!

Various reports have claimed that Britney Spears father committed her to a mental health facility against her will. This is really not new news to the Britney Army because our iconic, Britneygram girls, posted a podcast titled #FreeBritney, that confirmed all this! The iconic Britney Gram girls received an anonymous phone call stating that Britney was committed to a mental facility against her will.  The Britney Army fans were very skeptical at first but the more information that kept leaking the more the whole podcast seemed to be true.

A close source to Absolute Britney told us it all had to do with Britney’s domination residency. Britney wanted to have a break from everything and just wanted to enjoy spending time with her children, but her father and Team  B were pushing her to do domination, because it’s ALL about money to them. Britney was also trying to have a voice on her Las Vegas residency “Domination”. She was pitching creative ideas that she wanted to add to her Las Vegas residency but her ideas kept being shut down by everyone. Britney then had it and wanted to not do it anymore, because of course NOBODY was listening to HER, then three days later she was committed to a mental health facility.

We know everyone. This is a lot to take in. Your hearts must be breaking and you must be so fucking furious right now. Britney’s father and team are taken away our Queen B’s freedom and especially her VOICE! They must be stopped. If she wants to take a break and enjoy spending time with her children, let her freaking do it. She has been in the spotlight since BIRTH, she needs a break! We know she is not going anywhere! We know she is going to be giving us music for the rest her life, but my gosh give the girl a freaking break. The Britney Army wants her to be happy and we always want what’s best for her. We would never be mad at her for taken a break, because we know she is not going anywhere. We know she is human, we all need a break from the world. Britney’s happiness comes first, thats always been our motto. She is not your fucking puppet, she is a beautiful soul that has RIGHTS, like everyone else in the world. We don’t know who Jamie, Loucifer (Lou Taylor) and Team B think they are, trying to take away someones rights. The last time we checked, Jamie, Lucifer and Team B are still basic ass bitches, so we don’t know who they think they are. This needs to be stopped.  We love you Britney and we are going to save you!! #FreeFuckingBritneySpears




Exclusive: Britney Spears and Lynne Spears kicked ass yesterday in court! #Badasses

Exclusive: Britney Spears and Lynne Spears kicked ass yesterday in court! #Badasses

It’s Britney Spears and Lynne Spears bitch and they were total badasses yesterday in court.

On Friday, May 10th Britney Spears and Lynne Spears held hands together while entering the court room. While everyone entered the courtroom, Britney’s attorney, Sam Ingham, said that Britney was the one who wanted the hearing and because of the sensitive issues everyone had to be cleared out. Everyone of course was in full panic mode because we had no idea what was going to happen, but as fans we know this is not about US, it is about Britney. The big question now is what exactly went down during the courtroom?! Did Britney have a voice?! Did the judge grant anything to Britney?! What exactly happened! Well Absolute Britney can exclusively  tell you the TRUTH on what went down.

It was brought to our attention that several media outlets, have been reporting a lot of negative things about Britney’s hearing yesterday, however that is NOT the case at all. During the hearing Britney did get up and speak  on her behalf.  Britney first wants to focus on her childrens custody before she gets freed. The judge granted Britney the opportunity to have her parental capabilities evaluated, which is an amazing thing! Britney however did ask for other things but the Judge DID deny it for right now because everything still needs to go through legal matters, which is not a bad thing at all! Baby steps everyone. The fact this is all happening right now is powerful and positive. This is the most positive thing from the hearing yesterday:  The judge granted the review which is the most important part!  The appointed experts  have to evaluate everything,  it will be a non biased expert appointed by the court, that will do the evaluation, and things will be taken from there! Bottom line, Britney is being granted an EXPERT REVIEW and ALL things are being looked into!!!   

Now let’s talk about this picture:

The reason why Britney had her shoes off was because her feet were killing her in her high heal shoes,  she is freaking human, if she wants to take off her shoes, let her take off her dam shoes, no reason to make such a big deal about it. Anyway we wanted to talk about this picture though, how it was very funny that TMZ got this picture and nobody else. We have close friend that told us that this parking area is guarded and you need have permission to even access the parking lot, it seems someone granted TMZ access to this parking lot. It seems TMZ yet again was paid off to get this picture of Britney to make up ANOTHER bullshit story about her making it seem like it’s “the end of the world” Britney is not wearing shoes (insert eye roll). If you still think TMZ is not being paid off, see this email below, that we can confirm is 100% real:

“I am not the one making money off selling stories to magazines and never will be”

Gosh Harvey Levin what kind of money are you getting??!  Can you pay us to write a story??!?

There also have been reports that Jamie, Britneys father, is in charge of what Doctor bring can see during her examination, but that is no true AT ALL! The decision of what doctor Britney sees is Unbiased, and I am sure that Lynne’s attorney will get the three best doctors because Britney can afford it. They don’t need to get a doctor from this area they can get any doctor in the world!!!

Anyway, after the hearing went fantastic, Britney’s beautiful best friend, Jansen posted a photo of her and Britney right after the hearing ended, with a positive message:


Bottom line everyone. We can confirm everything went fantastic and positive. This whole #FreeBritney movement has really been helping, everyone speaking, and most of all fighting for Britney has been helping too! We have to keep doing what we are doing: Thinking positive, Praying for an amazing outcome,  Having faith, and most of all NOT BELIEVING the negative articles. We always say, if it is not posted on Absolute Britney, it is NOT TRUE!!

Courtney Love voices out last night to Britney Army fans! #FreeBritney

Courtney Love voices out last night to Britney Army fans! #FreeBritney

Courtney Love, singer, songwriter and actress voiced out to The Britney Army fans last night on our instagram page about #FreeBritney and much more. Those that don’t know Courtney Love, she was also harassed by, Sam Lufti.  It has been widely reported that, Courtney Love was granted a restraining order against Mr. Lutfi for threatening behavior, but we at Absolute Britney don’t want to give him any attention or speak about him.

Let’s get to the iconic and positive shit!  Courtney Love spilt a lot of tea on our Absolute Britney Instagram Page about, Lou Taylor, TMZ and much more! Check out what Courtney had to say:

More and More people are starting to speak up and The Britney Army is very appreciated of this! Thank you very much Courtney!




Lynne Spears will participate in Friday’s conservatorship hearing!!!! #FreeBritney

Lynne Spears will participate in Friday’s conservatorship hearing!!!! #FreeBritney

Queen Lynne is not playing!

It was just reported that Britney Spears mother, Lynne Spears, just got a victory in court that will allow her and her lawyer to participate in Britney’s conservatorship hearing on Friday!!!!

“Lynne’s motion to get her attorney was granted and Gladstone N. Jones III will be allowed to participate in Friday’s session.”

We are so happy to hear this news!!!! We have to keep PRAYING for Britney and Lynne! Keep giving them positive vibes and keep thinking positive! Giving them the strength they need to fight this toxic battle and get Britney her life back! #FreeBritney!


Lynne Spears wants to bring her own lawyers to Fridays hearing!!! #FreeBritney

Lynne Spears wants to bring her own lawyers to Fridays hearing!!! #FreeBritney

It’s Lynne Spears bitch and she is not messing around!

Our flawless Queens mother, Lynne Spears, wants to make sure her OWN legal team is backing her up during Friday’s scheduled hearing. According to documents, obtained by The Blast, Lynne wants her Louisiana lawyer, Gladstone N. Jones III, to be able to represent her during Friday’s scheduled hearing, so she needs approval by the L.A. judge to allow him to participate.

Lynne’s filing makes it clear it’s in Britney’s best interest to allow her to participate in the hearing, and there is not enough time to officially vet her legal counsel before Friday. Lynne wants to be actively involved in Britney’s conservatorship case, and will be making an appearance with Britney on Friday to stand by her side. Britney Army fans are planning to attend the hearing on Friday to show Queen B our support and for her to know that we have her back. The Britney Army’s faith is now in the hands of Lynne Spears and we have SO much faith in Lynne, because we know she is a fucking badass, like her daughter Britney.  Keep thinking positive everyone and pray that things will work out AMAZING for our Queen Britney.

PS: Please keep in mind Britney’s team will tell news outlets any made up story to anyone that try’s to get in their way!! Don’t believe anything you read from TMZ, Radar and ETC when it comes to her mom and friends! They all want to help and save britney!! Britneys team and father will try any way to stop them, don’t feed into the bullshit stories about Britney  her mother and friends!!!!




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