Zach’s Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on a flawless Britney Army member!

Today we are featuring our spotlight on Britney Army member, Zach , who is sharing his meet and greet story with us. Check out his awesome story on meeting Britney:

For the longest time I wanted to go to Vegas. I skipped class on one of my first days of college just to watch the Good Morning America Vegas announcement. I was so jealous and I wanted to go as soon as possible! I started working while I began college that fall, and I was determined to save up for a trip to Las Vegas to see ‘Piece Of Me’! The night the residency began I stayed up late ,eagerly waiting for updates and clips of the show! I’ve been a fan of Britney since 1998. I am 21 years old now. I saw the Dream Within A Dream tour when i was 6 years old, Onyx hotel tour when I was 9, (sadly missed Circus Tour), and Femme Fatale Tour when I was 16. I’ve always loved Britney and her music. I HAD to get to Vegas! I unfortunately had to accept that it would take me a while to get out there because I had to save enough for a nice trip! I also wanted to wait till I turned 21 so I could book my own room at Planet Hollywood and get the full Britney Piece Of Me experience!

In late summer of 2014 I hit the best luck of my life. I won $10,000 on a scratch off lottery ticket! I knew at that point I would be able to go to Vegas and possibly get a meet and greet! I tried to save as much as possible, even though I was having major car issues! I wanted to go with my best friend and neighbor, Kelsey, to Vegas. We’ve both been Britney fans since we were babies, and I had to go with her! Unfortunately she was in a very mentally abusive, and toxic relationship with her boyfriend, and she was hesitant to go because she was afraid of how he’d react.

Fast forward to February 2016, I was about to turn 21 in March, and with help of her friends, Kelsey finally overcame her horrible relationship and it ended! To celebrate her “freedom” and my 21st birthday, we finally booked our trip to Vegas! Kelsey’s mother kindly bought GA tickets for 2 shows for us, and we bought a pair of GA tickets ourselves for a 3rd show. Although I had enough money for a meet and greet, my best friend didn’t. I didn’t want to leave her out while I met Britney, so I decided that if 2 packages became available I’d pay for us, and let her pay me back later. Unfortunately, after emailing and calling the box office numerous times, the standard meet and greet package was still unavailable to buy, so we just agreed to meet her next time.

When we got to Vegas on the morning of April 13th we were so excited. We saw a huge billboard promoting the show while riding to PH, and were amazed to see all of the Piece Of Me promotion across the city! After we checked in to PH and got our Britney room keys, we lined up for GA! We met so many amazing fans that day, whom we’d see more as the week went on! Before the show I also said hi to Britney Galaxy’s own Anthony! As the doors to the show opened, (and I ran to GA left), it was so surreal seeing the venue in person. When the lights dropped and the show began it was the best feeling ever. My heart was beating fast as Britney appeared on stage. Finally, after several years since I saw her last, and 2.5 years since Vegas began, I was finally seeing this spectacular show! Kelsey and I enjoyed the show and sang along with our new amazing friends Lindsey Bartsch, and Ash Holley! (I LOVE THEM!) My first Piece Of Me show was incredible, and I was excited for the other 2 shows I was seeing!

That Thursday, the 14th, was a free day! We explored the city, randomly ran into Zac Efron and Anna Kendrick (LOL), and lost a few hundred dollars on the Britney Slot Machine! (This is when my gambling addiction started, Haha!)

Finally, it was Friday, the 15th! Our second show! Before the show we went to the box office trying to get a meet and greet for Friday or Saturday. Still nothing available, but I left them with my email and phone number incase anything changed. Kelsey and I were in GA Right this night! Britney killed it during this show! I believe it was the best show out of all three nights I attended! After the show I saw Fe! Got a picture with her of course and talked a little bit. I told her how we wished we could be on the backstage tour and how we are trying to buy a meet and greet! She told us she hopes for the best, as we told her we were trying to get a meet and greet for the Saturday show! She assured us our “time” would come soon!

Saturday was the day my life changed. It was a lazy day for us at first. We did not feel like lining up early, so Kelsey and I decided to relax by the pool at PH in the early afternoon. While relaxing in the lounge chairs. My phone dings. I had an email notification from the box office. It read “We may be able to assist you now with upgrading your tickets”, it also included a supervisor’s name and direct phone number. I called her immediately, and she told me they had 2 $1500 meet and greets available, and asked if I wanted them. Kelsey and I freaked out crying and RAN in our wet bathing suits from the pool to the box office, where the supervisor met us, refunded our original tickets, and followed through with the new purchase of 2 VIP Meet and Greet tickets! After handing us our new tickets, wristbands, and merch vouchers, we only had 2 hours to get ready. Kelsey went to Sephora to get her makeup done while I showered and ironed my clothes! We couldn’t believe we were going to meet Britney!

At 6:30 Fe took us on the backstage tour. I had SO much fun! I’m in school pursuing a degree in the entertainment business, so I really enjoyed seeing the production and crew backstage! It was outrageous being able to walk on the stage and see all the props, quick changes, and rooms! In the wardrobe room we saw all of her show outfits, and the Breathe On Me/Touch Of My Hand circus tour outfit, incase she ever wants to reuse it. Fun fact, the new circus ringleader jacket just added for the revamped show, is made with 2 of the same jackets, one sewn upside down on the other, to make it appear as one long jacket! The backstage tour was such an exciting opportunity and lasted an hour! Fe was so energetic and we talked the whole time, asking questions and having laughs! I really enjoyed it!

At 8:15 it was time to meet Britney. We lined up and were escorted by security to the outdoor alley to wait by the stage doors. That’s where Fe met us again. Security was friendly and kindly went over some basic rules, and made us all feel comfortable and laugh. Fe, then gave us some tips and advice on how to maximize our experience. She told us to relax, be ourselves, introduce ourselves, and talk to Britney, to make sure we had a great picture. After that, we were let inside the doors, and waited single file in a hallway. The door opened a few times so security could walk in and out from our waiting area, to where Britney was. I saw Britney talking to Larry and Robin Greenhill for several minutes, before we were let inside! Within minutes the line began to move. I became so anxious, nervous, and excited. I was near the front of the line, but not first. Only a few true fans seemed to be in the group. Most were “high-rollers” or Caesar’s guests who were given meet and greets. After a few people, it was Kelsey’s turn. As Kelsey met Britney, I stood with Fe getting excited! Kelsey told Britney how glad she was to be in Vegas to meet her, how much she loved her, and how amazing the show is! After watching their silhouettes, it was finally my time to turn the corner and meet Britney.

Around 8:45 I met Britney! I turned the corner, and there she was smiling at me beautifully! She had a gorgeous white top on, with jewels on her face for the show! Right after meeting her, while we waited in the alley again (to make sure all photos came out perfectly) I wrote down how our meeting was. Here is a general idea, and highlighs of how it went:

Me: Hi Britney! How are you? I’m Zach!

Britney: Hi Sweetie! I’m great! Nice to meet you!

Me: I’m so happy to be here! I’ve been a fan since ’98 when I was three years old! It’s my first time seeing Piece Of Me, and you’re killing it! The revamp is amazing!

Britney: Aw, thanks baby! You’re so sweet! That means a lot to me!

Me: I came all the way from New Jersey to see you, and the show!

Britney: Wow! Thats so cool! I love my Jersey Boys!

(We both Laugh and take the picture)

Me: Britney, could I have a hug?

Britney: Of course!

(We hug)

Me: Thank you so much Britney! Have a great show tonight!

Britney: Thank you! Enjoy the show sweetie!

After we said goodbye to each other, I walked away toward Larry Rudolph and Robin Greenhill where we quickly greeted each other, and they told me to enjoy the show and the rest of my trip! Then, we all waited in the courtyard alley again, and waited for security to come back and tell us if the pictures came out okay. Within minutes a security guard came by and told us that all the photos look great, and to enjoy the show. We then went back inside the theater, where Kelsey and I joined the rest of the crowd in the GA Right pit.

This was my last show of the trip and I enjoyed it so much, but I was nervous and anxious to see my meet and greet photo. After singing and dancing along all night, the show finale was emotional to me since this was my last show on the trip! When the theater lights came back on, we picked up a few Piece Of Me cups that were left behind, and RAN to Fe because we were excited to see our photos! When we got to Fe, I saw my photo and was so happy! Britney looked very comfortable and happy in my photo! I was pleased with how it came out! As we grabbed our photos and merch packs, Fe told Kelsey and I how happy she was that we were able to get VIP packages last minute, and have this amazing experience. I told Fe how much I appreciate her and everything she did for us. Fe really makes sure everyone has an amazing experience, and puts everyone around her in a great mood! She is so humble and kind. I can’t stress enough how amazing Fe is!

We then said goodbye to Fe and told her we will be back next year hopefully! After taking one last photo with Fe, and several of Britney’s background dancers, we met with other fans to show and compare our meet and greet photos, and have a nice chat! That night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face. It was such a great experience! It is definitely worth it, and hopefully I can do it again!

On Sunday night (the 17th), it was time for me to leave Vegas. As Kelsey and I boarded our plane and took off for Philadelphia, it felt very bittersweet leaving. I thought about all of the friends I met, the amazing shows I saw, exploring Vegas, and meeting Britney finally. The whole trip was one of the best times of my life, and I can’t wait to go back and make more memories.




Thanks to Anthony and Britney Galaxy for giving me an opportunity to write up my story and meet and greet experience!

Your fellow Britney friend,


Thanks for sharing your story with us Zach! We are glad you had a GREAT TIME!