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Posted on
May 14, 2015


BRITSTAGRAM alert! It is simple – B is giving a fair warning – play nice or she has the ability to open her can of Southern Fried WHOOPASS on ya in under 3 seconds!

Seems like B wants to get something off her chest. This post follows the new, and let us add, FREAKIN’ AWESOME, TEE Brit wore at the latest POM shows.

Tell us who it is B – we have got our sticky WEAVE SNATCHIN’ gloves on… we will take ‘em back to CHURCH for ya!

By the way.. did anyone else start singing the Lesley Gore track as soon as you read the T-shirt? We here at HQ could not resist – in fact, we embarrassingly busted out moves as if we were from the First Wives Club. It was so bad, our neighboring office has given in their notice… OOPS!

BEND AND SNAP! You have been told – do not get up in B’s GRILL!