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May 15, 2015

Britney Quotes Henry James On Instagram

Britney posted a picture quote by Henry James who wrote it originally in a letter to the New York Tribune 1875.

 As seen in Parisian Sketches Letters To The New York Tribune:

The French have always
flattered themselves that they have gone further in the
art of living, in what they call Ventente de la vie, than
any other people, and with certain restrictions the claim
is just. So far as a man lives in his senses and his tastes,
he certainly lives as well here as he can imagine doing ;
and so far as he lives by the short run, as it were, rather
than by the long, he is equally well off. They seem to
me to understand the “long run” much better in England.

There, if you live by the year, or by the semi-
decade, say, you are free to find yourself at all points
in relation with the world’s best things.

We can only speculate what Britney’s trying to tell us by quoting this enigmatic piece of poetry but it sure is another piece of the puzzle that will hopefully help us uncover the big picture.