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May 15, 2015

Britney Quotes Henry James On Instagram

Britney posted a picture quote by Henry James who wrote it originally in a letter to the New York Tribune 1875.

 As seen in Parisian Sketches Letters To The New York Tribune:

The French have always
flattered themselves that they have gone further in the
art of living, in what they call Ventente de la vie, than
any other people, and with certain restrictions the claim
is just. So far as a man lives in his senses and his tastes,
he certainly lives as well here as he can imagine doing ;
and so far as he lives by the short run, as it were, rather
than by the long, he is equally well off. They seem to
me to understand the “long run” much better in England.

There, if you live by the year, or by the semi-
decade, say, you are free to find yourself at all points
in relation with the world’s best things.

We can only speculate what Britney’s trying to tell us by quoting this enigmatic piece of poetry but it sure is another piece of the puzzle that will hopefully help us uncover the big picture.

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Mar 15, 2015

PLANET BRITNEY – Your weekly Britney fix! Edition 1

Just not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

Wanna know more? Click on the links to see our main page posts and see what our Aliens on Universe have to say about it… We know, we know… We were born to make you happy…


This week marked the 6th Year since the release of the controversial Britney track If You Seek Amy…

Remember the pressed press? (See what we did there?)

We spent this whole week jamming to this track – not even ashamed to say that we tried to replicate the moves.

This flawless track and video will always remain a fan fave! Wanna see what our Aliens had to say? Click HERE   to find out..


Chillin With You vibes anyone? No, not another Jamie-Lynne track.. We really mean feet.. Britney was snapped spending some family time with her amazing mom at her sons’ football match.

Lynne was looking after our main girl by giving her a much needed foot massage…

Unfortunately the only FOOT-age we have is in the form of Paparazzi snaps – but find out what our aliens had to say about this all HERE


Now this really pulled on our heart strings!! Britney was found wearing a heart necklace that a BARMY member gave her..

Dominique – we are super jealous – but what an amazing necklace!

Click HERE to read more…


We knew it before it even began – but Piece Of Me is a hit!

This week Caesers Entertainment awarded Britney with a plaque honouring an extremely successful year at Planet Hollywood!

300,000 tickets sold and over $45million grossed…. Yes… that is right.. $45MILLION!!! When will your fave?

Catch up on what the fans think HERE


INSTABRIT ALERT!! I REPEAT INSTABRIT ALERT!! Britney and Mamma Spears went hiking – and from what it looks like – it was intense!!

If there was an award for #INSTAPIC of the year – this should win it!

As if the hike was not enough, our ever generous Brit even had enough energy to help an old friend out too…

What did the fans think? Read that HERE


Madonna’s favourite Rebel Heart tweeted her support for her amazing new album… Britney let us know what she has been listening to all week – and we have to say – we agree with Brit – the album is pretty good!

Read more about it HERE 



15 years (yes we are crying a little inside too) since the Crazy2K tour! Actually if you break this down – Crazy 2000 – That is a whole lot of Crazy, but that is the way we like it.

Happy Birthday Crazy2K tour – we loved every minute of it – in fact we still do – we may need to order a new Live And More DVD – the wear and tear is becoming a problem.

Feeling nostalgic too? Discuss with the Aliens on Universe HERE


No need for panic! There will not be a Crazy 2.0 (although it would be great to hear a Britney only version) But KFed did however use Britney’s iconic Baby One More Time as an opener to his new gig as a DJ. What we would like to know is – where was our invite?

But this is not the only KFed related news we have – WHAT?? Is it 2004 again?? Well kind of.. It was a moment of reminiscing during an interview and he nothing but nice things to say about his past and current relationship with Britney. In fact he said they have a perfect co-parenting relationship.  One of our members cjm_90 summarised our feelings perfectly with this GIF:

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Yup – another anniversary! 7 years since the release of the fan fave, Break The Ice from the iconic album, Blackout.

This flawless track is arguably the best performance on Britney’s current Piece Of Me Tour.. To celebrate – we here at BG HQ tried to learn the dance – but some of us are still trying to get up from the drop….

While we are trying to recover see fans reminisce HERE


Do you remember when Ellen was in the …Baby One More Time video? Well, neither do we, because it never happened… However this photo actually almost fooled us. The photo shop is unreal!

Ellen dedicated her Throwback Thursday to the iconic …Baby One More Time. Such a stan! Ellen you are a legend!

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NEW COVER ALERT. Finally, we find out what that photo shoot tweet was all about, and the wait was sooooo worth it!! What do you think of this flawless cover? We actually got 2 Britney’s on one cover – you just cannot get better than that!


Britney revealed a lot in this interview and put a lot of rumours to rest. Excited about album 9? Well unfortunately you will just need to wait and see. Britney confirmed that this is not her current priority and that she is focusing on being a mom right about now. A new album is in the works – however she is taking it slow and would like to give her fans an amazing new album that is not rushed. Larry confirmed that there will be a few singles and pointed out that albums are just not what they used to be in the digital era… Looks like Artsy Fartsy may take some time…

Join in on the album 9 discussions HERE

Oh – and in case you were wondering – Britney revealed that Toxic is her fave performance on POM.. apparently – she loves getting wet.. We meant the rain! Not what you were thinkin’!



So after months of speculation and lots of Bli$$ talk – we finally have a title for the new Britney and Iggy track. The UK newspaper the sun revealed that the new Britney rack will be called Pretty Girls and has been written by the ‘’Wings’’ singers Little Mix. Did they let the cat out of the bag too soon?


Either way – we are super excited – it looks like the track is coming soon! Summer Anthem is on its way!!

Join in on the hype HERE



Great news everyone – Britney has regained sole custody of her children. According to Billboard, Britney is officially the primary custody holder of her sons. See an extract from Billboard below:

Meanwhile, Vegas has enabled another kind of comeback for Spears in her personal life. Having weathered public struggles and a string of breakups since her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2006, Spears has regained primary custody of sons Jayden James, 8, and Sean Preston, 9, and recently found new romance with boyfriend Charlie Ebersol, 32, son of Olympics producer Dick Ebersol. “Our passion for life is on the same page,” says Spears of Ebersol.

We are so happy for you Brit! Come join in on the celebration HERE

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Aug 6, 2014

Britney Got Dissed by Kanye West


Britney Spears got dissed by Kanye West while he was in court!

This is what he said.

“I’m the smartest celebrity you’ve ever fucking dealt with. I’m not Britney Spears.”


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