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Pitbull reveals he’s collaborating with Britney Spears on a new song!

Looks like there may be new Britney music coming our way!

Singer, Pitbull, reveled that he has a song coming out titled ” I Feel So Free with you” featuring Britney Spears and Marc Anthony.

Move to Miami isn’t the only new music Pitbull has on deck, either. He revealed he has a collaboration with Britney Spears and Marc Anthony coming out called “I Feel So Free With You,” which is sure to be epic. He described the track as “volcanic” and now we’re counting down until we can hear it. 

The new track with Britney makes sense because he’s about to head out on tour with the Queen of Pop soon. While speaking about how he ended up joining Britney on tour, Pitbull said“it came about because we started the Vegas shows together.  I’m a big fan.”

We can’t wait to hear what this song sounds like! New Britney music is coming and we can’t wait!


Britney Spears speaks about her fitness, boyfriend and her #PieceOfMe tour!

New Britney Spears interview alert!

Britney Spears spoke with “The News Observer” about her instagram, tour, boyfriend sam and her alter-ego. Check out the interview below:

Spears and Sam Asghari went through intricate movements, including Asghari lifting Spears several times and Spears doing a headstand — and it seemed effortless. But in reality, Spears says he put her through it.

“He’s a trainer so everything has to be so perfect. We probably did 40 (takes) and I hurt myself,” she joked in an interview with The Associated Press. “It looked great, he did a good job and he edited it really, really well.”


“With (Sam), I did it a million times and I swear it was horrible, but when I do it just with my kids it’s really fast,” she said.

Spears said she prefers challenging workouts because she has “always been an active person” and gets bored easily. She plans to ramp up those exercises in the coming weeks as she prepares to return to touring with the “Piece of Me” tour, sponsored by Pepsi. She’ll also be one of the superstars included in the Pepsi Generations summer campaign where the company will reissue retro cans featuring acts that have participated in earlier campaigns, including Michael Jackson and Ray Charles.

Spears’ tour takes her Las Vegas residency on the road and will be the last opportunity for fans to see that show. She’ll perform dates across North America and Europe. It kicks off July 12 in Washington, D.C.

Spears said she looks forward to getting back onstage because it helps bring her out of her shell.

“I’m very sensitive and sometimes I just want to run away because I’m a very shy person,” she said in a phone interview Wednesday. “I think energy is contagious and when I get onstage with the dancers, we all kind of vibe off each other. We feel the same energy and we connect.”

Watching Spears perform, it may be difficult to imagine that she may not be outgoing, but she said she has a stage persona that takes over in front of an audience.

“I think it’s healthy to be able to put on the persona of being confident,” said Spears, who also said she’s on a kick of reading self-help books.

“I think it’s an escape because honestly with how shy I really am, I don’t think it’s healthy,” she said. Performing is “a boost to my confidence. It’s like an alter-ego type thing. Something clicks and I go and turn into this different person. I think it’s kind of a gift to be able to do that.”


Britney Spears #PieceOfMe Apple Music Festival performance are now on youtube!

Britney Spears #PieceOfMe Apple Music Festival performance are now on youtube!

It’s time to grab the popcorn Britney Army!

Britney Spears Apple Music Festival performance in London is now uploaded to Britney’s official youtube channel. Check it out below:

QUEEN! We are so happy these are uploaded! This gets us even more excited for Britney’s piece of me tour coming up this summer!!! UPDATE more were uploaded:

[Mashup Release] Panos T ft. Titus Jones – Flawlessly Toxic (Not Sorry) 

[Mashup Release] Panos T ft. Titus Jones – Flawlessly Toxic (Not Sorry) 

Today we have an exclusive premiere of a Mashup video from Panos T ft. Titus Jones – Flawlessly Toxic (Not Sorry)

Panos T is a massive Britney fan since he was 13 years old, he made various mashups in the past and created awesome videos for them.
We are proud that we can post this video which is part of Mash Of Britney cd that was released April 2nd.












To download this cd full of mixes click on download

Also like his Facebook page to see his new releases which has Britney featured regularly

Britney FT. Pitbull – Hey Ma Leaked

Britney FT. Pitbull – Hey Ma Leaked

Finally after waiting a very long time Britneys version of Hey Ma leaked.

We are loving it.

This could have been the summer song, hopefully Pitbull and Britney will collaborate in the future again.


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