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Did Jesse Saint John tweet #ApplePie lyrics?? @jessesaintjohn

Did Jesse Saint John tweet #ApplePie lyrics?? @jessesaintjohn

There have been many rumors circling around about Britney Spears new upcoming “Apple Pie” and the anticipation is killing us! Last night songwriter, Jesse Saint John, who co-wrote Britney’s song “Love Me Down”, tweeted “lyrics” from the rumored song “Apple Pie”. Check out his tweet below:

Also…. a LA producer commented on the tweet as well:

and to put the cherry on top of the Apple Pie Jesse also changed his profile picture to Britney Spears smoking……

What do you all think of this?? Is Apple Pie True?!?! Is it coming?!?! Did Jesse Saint John co write the song?!?! Tweet us what you all think!!

Daily Star: Britney Is Set To Perform At The Billboard Music Awards On May 22

Daily Star: Britney Is Set To Perform At The Billboard Music Awards On May 22


Daily Star is claiming that Britney is going to perform at the BBMA’s this year. Since there is no official confirmation about it, we don’t know if it’s true. Of course we hope to see Britney perform her upcoming single ‘Make Me (Oooh)’ at the BBMA’s. She performed with Iggy Azalea their collaboration song ‘Pretty Girls’ at the Billboard music awards last year so there might be a chance that she will perform again.


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Rumour: Britney Is Petrified Of Being Alone

Britney broke up with David in August and got herself a new boyfriend soon after that. Of course it is understandable to move on, but there is now rumours flying around about her rushing into the new relationship too fast.

According to Closer Magazine, her friends are worried about that.

“Brit has admitted to pals she’s petrified of being alone and hates being single. While Charlie is a great guy, her friends fear she needs some time on her own before rushing in,” said a source.

“Brit insists Charlie is different from all of her exes. He’s a TV and film producer, as well as an entrepreneur with his own company. He’s also great with kids and has made it clear he’s ready to settle down and have a family.”

They seem to be so perfect to each others, what do you think about this? Full article here.

Britney’s Dad Bought ‘Cheating’ Video

According to TMZ, daddy Spears bought the video immediately when he heard about it and payed a lot of money to keep it out of media. He called to Britney, telling her that he has something important to show her and show her the shocking video.

Read the full article here.

Thank to Zooey Deschanel


Rumor: Britney to tour with POM in Europe


Various rumors has surrounded the internet that Britney Spears is in talks to tour Europe with the Piece Of Me show!

London should be the first in line of her small tour to start 23th of september. This comes also in line with promoting her lingerie line Intimates.

There are also talks with other countries!

Well we can’t confirm it’s true or not but if it is we won’t complain!

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