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May 15, 2015

Check Out 7 Secrets Of ‘Pretty Girls’ Music Video!


Entertainment Weekly revealed 7 secrets of ‘Pretty Girls’ music video! Like there was an alien suit made for Britney too… I know we all would love to see what kind! Read rest of the secrets below.

1. Azalea may be one of rap music’s “It” girls but she’s also emerged as a style icon that doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement. Case in point? This skin-tight alien costume that was made specifically to fit Azalea’s famous curves. “I actually had an alien suit made for Britney too,” says Hernandez. “She never wore it in the video, but she does have it.”

2. And fans, you earn extra points if you think Spears’ fierce hot pink bathing suit looks slightly familiar. It’s a direct homage to the see-through bikini Geena Davis wore in the intergalactic comedy Earth Girls Are Easy. “That was our biggest influence and inspiration,” says Hernandez of the 1989 cult classic co-starring Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans. “That, to me, was the ’80s at its coolest.”

3.  While Hernandez may have had “racks and racks” of clothing options for her leading ladies, she passed over the headbands and thick, gold Mr. T-style chains. “I feel like when there’s anything that’s shot taking place in the 80s it gets translated so wrong,” says Hernandez. “It was very important that we didn’t do the ‘80s in a cheesy way.”

4.  “Kelly Bundy was our inspiration for Iggy,” Hernandez says of Christina Applegate’s tough, sexy style on Married… With Children. In addition to helping conceptualize the video’s throwback theme, Azalea worked behind the camera as director. “She knows what she wants and she’s really detail oriented,” notes Hernandez. “She’s into the whole thing of being an artist, from stage design to costumes and concepts.

5. “I had a tray of maybe 100 earrings, and those were the ones she picked,” Hernandez says of Spears’ neon danglers, though at the time neither realized Katy Perry had worn the same pair in her 2011 clip for “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” “I wish I had known!” sighs the stylist. “But working in Los Angeles, everyone pulls from the same places.”

6. Hernandez placed most of her energy—and those of her four assistant shoppers—on outfitting the girls in ‘80s-style denim. She wanted “vintage 501s with a big belt.” Inspired by True Blue-era Madonna, she searched high (Barneys) and low (L.A. thrift stores) for the perfect pair. Out of some 50 options, Spears chose the 501s seen in the video for their “cool patches.”

7. To complete the look, Hernandez ordered a custom leopard-print crop top for Spears and found this vintage blush-colored bodysuit for Azalea in the aerobics section of a costume house. “It reminds me of those old wrestling one-pieces,” says Hernandez, who has worked as Azalea’s full-time stylist for the last three years.