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Jun 16, 2016

#MusicAlert: @thisisBURNS Posts Instagram Pic Mentioning @britneyspears! #B9



BURNS, amazingly talented U.K. producer that might have produced Britney’s upcoming lead single with G-Eazy titled “Make Me (Oooh)”, has posted this picture on Instagram with Britney’s name in a big font on a white board + check mark (A To-Do list)! What could this possibly mean? Is the song mixed, mastered and rea9y for take off?

Check out the post here:




He also posted the pic on his official Twitter account; check it out here

This is VERY exciting! BURNS is a very innovative fresh producer that is signed to Calvin Harris’ Flyeye records.

Check out some of BURNS’s exceptional work here:

Be sure to get a free download of his new song “Run Things” on his official Soundcloud here: https://www.soundcloud.com/thisisburns/run-things

It’s coming!

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