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Sep 15, 2016

Corey LaCourse Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears


A flawless Britney Army fan named, Corey LaCourse, met our Queen last week and wanted to share his M&G story with us! Check out Corey’s story below:

My story begins a few years ago when Britney first announced her Piece of Me residency. I have always been a huge Britney fan & supporter to the point I would drive my family & friends crazy with all my Britneyness lol. In fact, took my 5 year niece back in 2011 when Britney came to little ol Grand Rapids, MI (my hometown) for her Femme Fatale Tour I couldn’t believe she came here and after that moment I never shut up about her.

However, 2013/2014 & even 2015 was not good years for me. I suffer from extreme anxiety and have a hard time dealing with my emotions. Before I knew it, I was 500 lbs, extremely unhappy and literally an alcoholic & chain smoker. My health was so poor that at 34 I felt like I was going to die at any time. I drank so much alcohol just to numb my pain and forget my problems. I smoked up to 2 packs of cigarettes every day and I was so ashamed to leave my apartment because of the size I was. None of my clothes fit, I hated going to family functions and when I did I didn’t stay long and always stopped at the liquor store on the way home to pick up a 5th or 2 to drink the night away.

I did not have any healthy friends or relationships. All I had was Britney’s music and I really enjoyed blasted her music and getting drunk by myself at home. But what kind of life was this? I was lonely, my family disliked me, I hated myself. I had so many medical concerns and problems. I wasted so much money being rushed into the ER room thinking that this is it the moment I’m going to die.

All my money went on my addictive habits including eating junk food for comfort. It was such a sad time in my life. It became so hard to get out of bed. I couldn’t even breath without propping myself up with 5 pillows. I poured sweat every time I had to walk and if it was more like a few steps I had to sit down and take a break. I don’t know why I allowed myself to get to this point. But I knew I had to do something about it.


So in Britney Words “I went to Work Bitch” I immediately gave up drinking without AA or any assistance. September 2015 was the last time I took a drink. By October 2015 I started to drink more water & tea and then on November 1, 2015 I officially weighed in at 498.4 lbs and started my weight loss journey. By making healthy choices and pushing myself to at least try to walk 1 mile per day I lost my 1st 30 lbs in just 1 month. In December 2015 I received TeaMi Blends Detox Tea to help detox my body and to help me lose more weight. Well it worked by the end of December (December 27, 2015) I lost 76.4 lbs. On December 31, 2015 I made New Year Resolutions to Quit Smoking and to lose enough weight to Meet Britney Spears. I quit smoking cold turkey much like how I quit drinking. For motivation I listened to every Britney song almost every day and got in my dancing and started a regular workout routine that I could do at home because I was still not confident to even attempt going into the gym. I gradually began to eat more Vegan like, mostly a plant based diet. I continued to drink Teami Blends Tea every day.

Britney was my motivation and when I felt weak I always asked myself isn’t it worth meeting Britney so I continued to push myself even harder. Eventually, Teami Blends asked if I would help promote there tea on my Instagram since I had such amazing results with it and was the only 500 lb male to drink tea to lose weight. They gave me my own discount code: COREY for my friends & followers could save 10% off their purchase. I only had like 99 followers on Instagram mostly Facebook friends. But I grew my following on Instagram to almost 5,000. I really enjoyed cooking healthy, making my health journey fun and inspiring other people to make better choices. I loved being able to help & to give hope to others. I didn’t take diet pills, I didn’t get weight loss surgery. I basically drank tea, ate plants, listened to Britney & prayed. I started to become extremely thankful & grateful. I felt more alive than before. I even explored esoteric techniques. I began eliminating everyday chemicals including fluoride from my life. I started to detoxify my body even more and had a strong sense of consciousness. I began sending out loving intensions to the universe. (Sounds Weird) But it worked for me. I began communicating and feeling energy from my surroundings. I was no longer an empty soul that occupied a body. I started to listen to various frequencies like 432 hz & 528 hz healing tones. I found out that we are vibrational creatures. All of this was so fascinating to me. I grew up to learning about life through the TV and followed what I was supposed to without actually exploring life for myself.

I strongly believe with my deeper connection to the universe and all the hard work I was doing. I was planting good seeds & somehow the universe made it possible for me to have enough money to plan a trip to Vegas and by June 2016 I was able to purchase the Meet & Greet Package (which we all know isn’t cheap) I believe I had to prove myself to the universe or my higher power. My angels helped to make internal changes inside me. I wasn’t ready before. I would have probably died in Vegas if I was the old me or would have never made it with how poor my health was.

Finally, after just 10 mths on September 1, 2016 I lost a total of 210 lbs. Made it 1 year of No Drinking, 9 months No Smoking and 6 months No Coffee. I eliminated all the addictive compounds that were holding me back and controlling my money. It’s expensive having unhealthy additions. As soon as I freed myself from that prison of different poisons I always freed up extra cash to create an amazing experience in Vegas and to meet the Queen. It was amazing how everything literally lined up. Britney was in a good place. She just dropped her 9th album, the media was talking good about her and she was relevant again and better than ever. The universe made sure this was the perfect time to meet her. I was prepared to handle the temptations of Vegas.


On Monday September 5th, I left for Vegas. I was blessed to have safe travels (back & forth) It never felt real until I saw the elevator with Britney on it. I stayed at the Planet Hollywood Resort Casino. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I took advantage of every available possible while in Vegas. Of course, I played the Britney Spears Slot Machine. Went to popular landmarks. Ate at the finest restaurants including the “Top of World” restaurant that rotates allowing you to see all of Vegas high in the sky. Even had the chance to attend the Hard Rock Rehab Pool (which was a cool experience, since I use to watch the Reality TV Show Rehab) Plus I got the opportunity to sit front row to watch Criss Angel Mind Freak performance but nothing compared to meeting Britney Spears Wednesday night.

The Meet & Greet Tour started at 6:30pm, I brought Britney many gifts which I gave to Fe who said she would have security go through them and once its cleared she would give to Britney for me. The gifts I got her were: TeaMI Blends Tea (Skinny Tea, Colon Tea, Profit Tea & Focus Tea), a Pink Tea Tumbler, a Pink Tea Infuser, Muddy Body Detox Charcoal Clay Mask, a Muddy Brush to apply the Mask, a Tea Cup & Slouchy Sweat Shirt that said “Namaste Bitches” (because she loves yoga) and lastly I got her Pink / Rose Quartz which is the Love Stone to bring balance & love energy.

Security was strict but they were really respectful and mainly observed while Fe gave an excellent but very rehearsed tour. The tour was longer that I expected and really consisted of giving credit to all the people who are behind the scenes to make sure to give us fans the best show possible. As well as all of those responsible for making & repairing all of Britney’s costumes. There was a long delay before actually meeting Britney. We had to go through another strict security protocol. For the safety of Britney & for all of us. We had to empty our pockets including wallets (everything) we were wanded twice and was told the rules. Basically, keep your hands out of your pockets, respect Britney’s personal space and you are only allowed 1 photo take.

By this point you are extremely nervous and you completely forget everything you wanted to tell her. Once the line (25-30 people) started moving it went fast. Like every 15 seconds someone else was going. I was told to stay towards the back to maybe get more time with Britney but that wasn’t true. Between the long backstage tour and all the security stuff the actually Meet & Greet takes place like 5-10 mins before she is supposed to be on stage. When I got to the front I was able to give Fe a hug and I thanked her for the wonderful tour and asked if it was okay to shake Larry’s hand (Larry Rudolph, Brit’s Manager) and she said of course you can.

Once I turned the corner to meet Britney I gave a cheese face and was like oh my god, Britney smile back and she was like omgosh and smiled too. Not sure if this was awkward or if she immediately know I was one of her gays lol Its very intimating. First Britney is obliviously wonderful, she looks like a perfect Barbie doll, however you are kind of blinded by the extremely bright lights for the picture that you almost can’t see her close up its so bright. I don’t even think I said my name but with the 15 seconds I had I got to tell her that I lost 210 lbs to be here today and she replied “oh how that’s amazing” then I said that I got her a bunch of gifts and I hope she likes them. I only got to tell her about the Tea Cup & Sweater that says “Namaste Bitches” and in her perfect voice she replied “Aww Thank You So Much” then she put her arm around my back and looked at the camera and I looked and gave a big ol cheese face smile. After the click I was immediately moved along but I stopped and shook Larry’s hand and looked him in the eye, so I hope I made a lasting impression.

When everyone got their picture taken we stayed outside until the head security officer said all the pictures came out great so no repeats and to exit the parking lot and find our seats. I had standing stage tickets. The pit was already filled but I managed to squeeze in and at least get a nice view of the stage. The show was amazing. The only thing I feel bad about is that Britney is not a cage animal at the zoo and it made me sad that rather than people enjoying the show and dancing and praising Britney for her artistry every one instead had their phones out taking pictures and recording. I looked around and say everyone basically standing still looking through their view finders instead of giving Britney energy. That would be my only regret. Britney is a human being not a salve for entertainment.

I wrote Britney a very nice heartfelt letter and I really hope she gets the chance to read it. I hope my story can help others to realize their dreams. Dreams do come true. I really hope our paths cross again I would love to be able to spend more time with Britney. I will never forget this experience and I am so happy to be among the few in the world to say I actually met Britney Spears.

Lastly, when I picked up the Meet & Picture and the VIP Poster from Fe I was able to get a selfie with her which was very nice of her.

What a beautiful and inspiring story! We love hearing how Britney motivates the Britney Army! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us Corey!

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