Thank You

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Dear Britney Army,

As the end of 2015 is almost here I wanted to thank you all for visiting this site and spreading our love for Britney.
But this could not be done without the greatest team we have now.
So here is my big thank you to my fellow team members at Galaxy.

  • King Anthony and Term for keeping our social and mainpage alive and kicking, also thanks to Anthony who arranged some giveaways.
  • Ned, Jenlicious, Dety for being here since the beginning and keeping the gallery up to date.
  • HybridFan3 for helping with Universe and getting polls and his dedication to making radio requesting a success.
  • Matt for being here helping us with the image selection on layouts and other site features.
  • The Universe Promo team for helping us grow bigger.
  • The Universe Coverage team for making it easy to watch Piece Of Me shows back to back.
    • Vicima
    • POMNEY
  • The Universe moderation team for their hard work even when things go crazy.
  • Former news poster Anselmo for his dedication.

And of course thank you all, we exist because of you, so keep continuing to rise the positive spirits!
So with all of my heart I want to wish everyone a Happy 2016.

Manuela 😉


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