Celebrating 11 Years Of Britney’s Reality TV Show – Chaotic

Today we celebrate the 11th year since the release of Britney and Kevin’s Reality TV Show – Chaotic.

The TV series featured five episodes which aired on UPN from the 17th May till the 15th June 2005.

The reality TV series was originally intended as a spin off from Britney’s Onyx Hotel Tour and most of the initial footage was filmed around that time. The original concept was a reality TV show in partnership with MTV focusing on Britney’s back up dancers on the tour and it was due to be called On-tourage (her on tour entourage). Unfortunately due to Britney’s leg injury and the tour being cut short, filming was cancelled. Britney then continued to use the footage for her own personal reality TV show, since this was also how she met Kevin.

The TV series focuses on a personal look into the life of Britney the pop superstar and also her relationship with Kevin right up until their wedding day.

The TV show was deemed pretty risky during the time of release and critics felt like it may not have been the best decision to release a reality TV show at that time. The show did however prove to be very successful and allowed people to relate to Britney on and off stage.

There was a massive bidding war on who was due to air the series, to which UPN won. The show was originally going to be called, ‘Britney And Kevin: Can You handle Our Truth,’ but was later changed to the theme song, ‘Chaotic.’

The series was later released on DVD, which included Britney’s EP, including, ‘Mona Lisa,’ which Britney famously announced as the first single off her fifth studio album, ‘Original Doll,’ which was entirely scrapped. Britney landed up releasing, ‘Blackout,’ as a fifth album and the ‘Original Doll,’ album mysteriously vanished.

Britney and Kevin also recorded a track together for Kevin’s début album, however this was never released as an official single, although it was easily the best track on the entire album.

Let’s celebrate by watching the episodes:

And also by watching this amazing and highly underrated video, which features on the DVD:

Happy Birthday Chaotic!