It Has Been A Full Year Since Britney And Iggy Azalea Performed At The Billboard Music Awards

Today we celebrate the first birthday of the amazing, ‘Pretty Girls,’ performance at the Billboard Music Awards 2015.

The performance was recorded at Britney’s Planet Hollywood residency stage and not at the Billboard Music Awards event. The idea behind the production was that Britney and Iggy were teleported from the Vegas arena to Britney’s home turf.

The performance was a continuation of the music video. At the end of the video, Britney and Iggy appear to be ‘beamed’ up into space..

This marked the first televised performance for Britney in four years!

Britney and Iggy also caused waves by looking mighty fine on the red carpet:

Let’s celebrate by watching the full performance:

Happy first birthday PGB! Not that you need a reminder but be sure to tune into this years Billboard Music Awards for Britney’s iconic performance – it is not to be missed!!