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Apr 21, 2018

Is there new Britney Spears music coming?!?!?

Songwriter Jesse Saint John was hosting a Q and A on his twitter handle yesterday. A Britney Army fan asked Jesse if there was any new Britney Spears music coming. Jesse responded “Can’t Sayyyyyyyyyyyy” with a pregnant emote.


Fans were questioning why he was using a “Pregnant Emote”, which is very clever on Jesse’s end. The theory of the pregnant emote means that it is being created and it is not “born yet”, meaning you have to wait for it but it is coming.


Jesse Saint John wrote “Love Me Down” for Britney iconic 9th studio album “Glory”. We hope this tweet by Jesse means that Britney is working on some new music and it is coming HOPEFULLY soon! We are very exicited and the world is waiting for new music by our Queen Britney!!!!

Queen B is COMING!