Following the massive success of Britney and Will.I.Am’s massive hit ‘Scream and Shout’ – it made obvious sense to release a remixed version of the song.

Diddy, Lil Wayne, Hit Boy and Waka Flocka Flame all jumped on board to create a hip hop version of the club smasha! All 4 rappers appeared in the remix version’s video which sees Britney in an Adidas outfit by Jeremy Scott.

‘’It’s turnt up, amplified, maximized, screaming, shouting – I never thought that a remix would be this freaking crazy’’, Will.I.Am told MTV news. ‘’Remixes have always been important, but this one… it’s so freaking fresh that we had to do a video for it. Usually a remix comes and it’s part of the initial, but this one needed a freaking video, ‘cause it’s out of here, mega, amplified, turnt up.’’

Billboard decided that the remix was so different that it would need to chart as its own release. Most remixes usually just contribute to the original track sales. So just like Blackout, last minute rule changes made the track just miss out on the number 1 spot in the US…what a ‘Wendy William’s mess’ that was Billboard…. (although the original track did reach the top of the charts in the UK)

The video was directed by Ben Mor, who directed the original versions video and follows a similar multiplicity concept. Ben Mor also then followed to direct Britney’s, ‘Work Bitch’ video.

An early (unfinished) version of the track leaked on January 25, 2013 – forcing Will.I.Am to upload the finished track to his YouTube account. The music video suffered the same fate, with plans to release it on the 15th February 2013 – they were forced to release it a day earlier due to pesky leaks.

Britney was hailed by critics for her look in both videos with some calling her physique, ‘undeniably good’ and others calling it the look ‘the pop star of the future.’

The song remains the biggest hit from Will.I.Am’s #Willpower album. The success from the song lead to further collaborations with Will.I.Am who took control of Britney’s 8th studio album, ’Britney Jean’.

‘Scream and Shout’ was not the first song collaboration between Britney and Will.I.Am – a previous collaboration, ‘Big Fat Bass’ features on Britney’s 7th studio album, ‘Femme Fetale’.

In celebration of this brilliant (and might we add under rated remix) release, watch the video perfection here:

For behind the scenes snippets, watch the video below: