Nathaniel Rateliff brings out his inner Britney Spears

Remember that blissful day that Britney broke the internet by posting 3 extremely sexy videos on her Instagram? Of course you do! Those hot sultry moves are forever, happily stored in our Hippocampus (supposedly the part of the brain that stores memories, who would have guessed..). At the same time, B introduced the world to Nathaniel Rateliff epic track, ‘S.O.B’ and we have not stopped jamming to the track since.

Nathaniel’s Twitter notifications must have exploded on this very epic day. So how did Nathaniel express his gratitude to Queen B? Well, the only way any of us would of known how, by channelling our inner Britney and recreating the iconic moment…

The slayage is real y’all! What a way to break the internet twice. Anyone else willing to send us their own versions?