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Jul 26, 2016

Celebrating 14 Years Of Austin Powers: Goldmember – Britney Spears – With Interesting Facts

Today we celebrate the 14th year of Austin Powers: Goldmember – in which Britney makes an appearance.

Britney makes 2 appearances in the movie, both as herself. Firstly, Austin bursts in on her during a dance routine, he works his mojo on her and being a Fembot her head blows up.

Secondly, she is seen at the end talking to Mini-Me asking if she can give him her cell phone number.

Britney was the first fembot since the test fembots from the first film to have exposed breasts and an exposed belly.

Britney’s appearance at the end of ‘Goldmember’ suggests that throughout the film, she had gone missing while someone secretly put a Fembot poser in her place. Why the real deal was somewhere else when she had a music video to shoot is unknown. Possibility is that she was kidnapped and held hostage somewhere on Dr. Evil’s submarine for the film, and was rescued by Mini Me by the time the movie was over.

The same way Britney is overloaded and destroyed by Austin Powers is similar to the way he defeated the knockout gas Fembots in the first film, only he didn’t need to do a striptease.

There’s an inconsistency with the Britney Fembot’s breast size. They go from smaller to larger when the guns are pulled out… pun not intended..

Britney is the 2nd Fembot in the series (after Vanessa Kensington) to have an organic counterpart (provided that the Vanessa from the first film and the Fembot in the second are separate characters).

The Britney Fembot is the only Fembot in the films to be modeled after a celebrity.

Ultimately, Austin destroyed the Fembot doppelganger, prolonging the Boys music video until the real deal returned.

During promotion for Goldmember, Beyonce revealed that Britney requested the role of a Fembot. According to Beyonce, “She (Britney) wanted to wear a bra that shot bullets … we managed to accommodate her requests”.

‘Boys’ became a featured song on the Austin Powers soundtrack and a video was filmed to promote the single and the film. The version in the film is the original on Britney’s, ‘Britney’ album, however the single release was remixed featuring Pharell Williams.

Celebrate with us by watching the hilarious clip from Austin Powers.

Happy Birthday Austin Powers!