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Jul 26, 2016

G-Eazy speaks about working with Britney Spears!

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G-Eazy spoke with Rolling Stone about his recent collaboration with Britney! Check out what he had to say about Britney and the collaboration below:

How did you end up on the new Britney Spears single? That’s pretty wild.

It was hella wild. I was actually on tour in Australia. After the first leg in the U.S. and we got that email that was like, “Britney Spears wants to do a song.” I didn’t know if it was gonna be the single or what. It was just a no-brainer. I think we were in Melbourne, and I was like, “Yo, let’s see if there are any studios open here.” And literally after the show we went and cut it on the spot. That kind of thing you just drop whatever you’re doing to do.

Do you know what led her to reach out to you for the song?

No, but I heard it and I like it. I just wrote it like a conversation I was having with her, you know?

Were you a fan when you were younger?

Of course – I think we all were. Watching the VMAs when we were kids, she was one of the biggest entertainers in the world. And still is.

How would young G-Eazy have responded if someone told him he’d one day be rapping on a song with her?

I wouldn’t have believed it. It’s pretty insane.