Lip Sync Battle: Kaley Cuoco – I’m A Slave 4 U

Very few moments are as iconic as Britney’s VMA 2001, ‘Slave 4 U’ performance, besides for Britney’s other VMA performances that is. This was the very moment that everyone in the world would give an arm and a leg to be Britney for one day, right?

So when Kaley Cuoco got a chance to choose her ‘Big Bang’ moment for her ‘Lip Sync Battle’, there was only one obvious choice that could top that brilliant Channing Tatum and Beyonce performance.

Yup, that is a real snake you are seeing. Kaley was going to be the real deal, or nothing at all!

Her reaction to the snake, pretty much sums up our feels…

Kaley, we salute you! If we had not already watched that very VMA performance and unhealthy amount of times, we would not have known the difference! Although Kaley’s performance is not available to view world wide in full just yet, you can catch numerous snippets all over Twitter. Oh Twitter, what would we do without you?