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Nov 9, 2015



Who said Sunday was a day of rest? Queen B set our pulses racing when she posted these super sultry snaps and simply tagged them #SexySunday.

WOWZERS B! What is this shoot for and when do we get to see more?! WE WANT MOOAAR! You may as well have titled this as, ‘I do not wanna be a tease…’

Talking all things sexy, check out this Britney Galaxy exclusive pic we gave you this week.

This photo was so in demand that some other sites tried to claim it as their own with some very poor photo shop work.. you did not even need an X-Ray to see through it…


By D day we do mean the due day for the Britney featured, ‘Jane The Virgin’ episode! What were you thinking? Hmm… Shame on you.. Don’t worry, our minds went there too..

To get you all more excited than you already are – check out this extended clip that was released this week.

The slayage is real!! This episode looks super hilarious! We literally cannot wait any longer!

We know what we will be watching on repeat all week – go get those high ratings B!


Another day another celebrity. Check out this epic pic of Lionel Richie and Brit at a ‘Piece Of Me’ show this week.

Now just for Adele to attend – and Brit can complete her ‘Hello’ collection. Queen B is completely slaying Vegas as per usual – check out these awesome pics:

Steven Tyler also sent this slick gift to Britney this week:

What could this be for? Well, we will find out today – #Nov9 #IsThisThingOnST! Let’s hope Brit and Steven are planning something iconic together… we are ready!!

Talking all things Vegas – Brit has been listed as the 6th highest paid female musician according to Forbes thanks to her solid ruling Vegas residency.

  1. Britney Spears ($31 million)
    The cyborg pop star continues to release new songs like “Pretty Girls,” her collaboration with Iggy Azalea, but it’s her Planet Hollywood residency in Las Vegas that accounts for the bulk of her bucks. She also cashes in on The Intimate Britney Spears, a lingerie line that sells globally.

Bring in those dollars Brit!


Remember those amazing fan letters from last week? It seems like Brit is not finished yet! We have to say that this is the most personal way to connect to your fans. It is so great to see how much Brit cares for the Barmy and it just goes to show how much she appreciates all of your support!

Living legend! This is just super endearing – Thank you B!


When it comes to ruling Instagram – Brit has pretty much written the rule book. Check out these cute snaps Brit shared with us last week – starting off with this sweet as pie Lexie pic:

Brit is no stranger to charity – this snap for Matalan’s Charity is beyond awesome:

Future fans in the making:

Even B owns a pair of those comfortable boat shoes..

Home is where the heart (and the massive garden) is…

Glen Nutley got loads of love this week:

It should come as no surprise that Brit made the Billboard Social Networking charts this week at a super impressive #35…. And not to forget, Brit has been nominated for the PCA – social networking award. Make sure to vote, vote, vote– this award is ours!!


Our fave ‘Where’s Wally’ inspired game makes a return this week. Check out the snaps that hit the net this week:

B did some all-important shopping at the Topanga shopping mall November 3:

Brit also hit the recording Studio on the same day:

It seems like Britney heard our plea to get more Spot The Brit pics (last week we only had one) – so she decided to take matters in her own hands and shared this awesome hiking pic with us on November 4:

So much better…. Now, no time for rest – let’s get some more snaps for next week!


Okay – so this was a very important week for all things Britney, not only was it the Birthday of the iconic ‘Britney’ album…

But it was also the all-important international Britney day!!

Jaimie Lynn and Brit also sent us a reminder of the most important day of the year:

Aww! Cuteness overload! The sisterly love is real!

How did you celebrate Britney day? Send us your snaps – we would love to see them! That is all for this week y’all! We will leave you with this Britney tweet that sent the world spinning off it’s axis… B9 is on the way and we are ready…

See y’all next week!