NEW #PieceOfMe costumes are in the works!!! @britneyspears


New Piece Of Me changes are underway everyone and we are VERY excited to see what is in stores for us.

Fashion designer Charbel Zoe is starting to design new costumes for Britney’s iconic Las Vegas show. Charbel posted a sneak peak on what he has in stores for Britney on his Instagram account. Check out the HOT sketch below:

costume 1

It’s Britney B**** ❤️ So excited to be part of Las Vegas Show
Can’t wait for you to see the amazing pieces i am working on for @britneyspears
#Charbelzoe #britneyspears #lasvegas #soon

WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!! The costume looks AMAZING!!

Britney returns to Las Vegas Sunday, December 27th!