Armin Rasekhi M&G Story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

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Check out Britney Army member, Armin Rasekhi, M&G story with Britney:


Brief background: 

Hey y’all! My name is Armin and I’m 20 years old from Stockholm, Sweden.

First of all I want to start by saying I have been a HUGE fan of Britney Spears ever since I first saw her on my television when I was 3 years old. It’s funny how I still remember it but I really do. It all started when my sister was watching a taped version of MTV VMA’s 2001 on our VHS player. When I saw Britney performing on stage I just got this attraction. There was something in her eyes that made her sparkle in a unique way…

Fast forward 15 years of hardcore fandom later… As soon as I heard Britney launching her Vegas residency I just knew that this was something I had to do since I’m a dedicated die hard stan!

Arriving to fabulous Las Vegas:

I went to the box office in Planet Hollywood the same day as the show to get my VIP tickets and my M&G bracelet. When I got it I was super excited and realized this was the day my dream would come true!


The Backstage Tour:

Everyone who was doing the backstage tour had to meet up at a certain spot at 6:30 PM. From there on we met several bodyguards who took us inside the lobby area of The Axis Theatre where we met Britney’s BFF and lifetime assistant FE! She is truly the sweetest person ever and we really clicked with each other from day one. She told us all the cool details and amazing facts about the show and production and how everything works. We walked on the stage where Britney performs! I felt so alive and just looked out to the empty seats and embraced the moment! I had the same view that Britney and her dancers have while performing on the stage! It was a magical feeling!

We then got to go to the dressing room where all of Britney’s outfits were! It was so cool too see all the outfits Britney wears on stage! And the coolest part is that I got to touch some outfits and even got to hold the iconic BBMA opening outfit! One thing is for sure! She is SO tiny! Her outfits were so little I’m not kidding!! I could stretch them out but it was just so hard to believe she was that tiny, and Fe was like “Yep, that’s all her, that’s Britney”. Everyone was so amazed! I also saw the BOM/TOMH outfit from the Circus Tour. She has loads of unused stuff as well as hats, shoes, boots and sunglasses etc..

Before meeting the queen:

After the backstage tour we got a 15 minute break before we had to return to the theatre again. When we came back Fe told us we were going to be escorted outside of the the theatre where we would line up for the M&G’s. When we came outside, the desert heat hit my face and I suddenly realized we were at a parking area behind the stage. Here it was time to go backstage and line up for our pictures with Britney. Fe told us some simple rules and tips on how to have the best experience with our queen.

The dream meeting with Britney Spears:

I was the fourth last person in the line and I could see how fast the line was moving and started to get a little nervous. The people in our group were so nice and friendly and I got a hold of myself and pulled myself together and said I’m gonna do it. This is what I’ve been working for so hard for over a year to make happen.

My turn was coming up and the person before me finished up with Britney. I could see her shadow behind the white promo wall when the flashing lights come out of the camera. My heart started racing cuz I knew she is now standing there alone and waiting for me!

The bodyguard waved at me to come up the stairs, when I walked up to the stage I turned around and there was Britney, wearing tight blue jeans, a baby pink shirt and her hair pulled back tight in a high ponytailney wearing makeup and starring right in to my eyes! I was stunned for a moment cuz I was thinking to myself “my gosh this is the real deal!”

I walked up to her to shake her hand and said “Hi Britney, my name is Armin and I’m from Sweden and she said “Hi nice to meet you, oh cool I love Sweden!” I said “I just want to thank you for being my biggest inspiration in life and you motivate me every single day to move on with my life” and she said “Aw thank you that’s really sweet of you to say, I love your hair” I said “thank you I got it done for the show” and she said “how long did it take?” I was like “probably 5 hours” she said “JESUS! That’s a long time!!” I was like “Yeah I know”, then she leaned over to my chest, (I was dying) and she goes “You smell delightful” I said” well thank you, you do too, what fragrance are you wearing?” And she said “It’s..Uhm.. I don’t know” and we started giggling! I said “I bought my mom with me and we’re seeing the show again on Friday” she said “That’s so much fun! Do you want to take a picture?” I was like “Duuh, yes of course!” Then we leaned in to each other and my hair actually caught her face and she was like “Ooh” and I said “Omg sorry haha” she was like “it’s fine sweetie” then we took the picture and she said thank you for coming and hope you enjoy the show and I said can I get a hug and she said “ofc and we hugged each other and she was touching me and my face was in her hair! I was dying inside, she smelled like heaven vanilla!! I said “ kill it tonight” and she nodded and Larry and everyone around said bye!

This was legit the best experience of my life. I got to meet and have a small conversation with the one and only Britney Spears! How crazy is that?! I am so happy and can’t thank her team and Felicia enough for the unbelievable experience we had.

It’s because of Britney that I keep going on in life like a karate kid and never giving up on dreams. If you have a dream or a goal, never stop believing and work (bitch) to get what you want!

Thank you so much Anthony and Britney for posting my M&G story and thank you Britney Army for taking your time and reading it! I love you all

– Armin Rasekhi

We are glad you had a great time!!!