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Posted on
Jan 28, 2018

Jennifer Vivas Meet and Greet Story with Britney Spears! @britneyspears

Our fan features on our main page are back in action! We are going to kick off our spotlight on Britney Army member “Jennifer Vivas”. She sent over her two meet and greet stories that she had with our Queen Britney Spears. Check out her two stories below:

This was my very first meet and greet with my Queen!!!  I was literally shaking, afraid to ask her for a hug, they tell you on the tour you can’t touch, hug or kiss her so I straight up offer to shake my hand and told her my name, then I asked her if we could do a fun pose and she said “Of course” so this pose came out and I loved it, because of how we angled ourselves the photographer shot a the end of the backdrop so I had to crop the picture short but I love how we both look. After the photo was shot all I could say to her was “You’re so beautiful, I love you, I love you so much, I love you” I walked out of there saying I love you non-stop ?, she was so sweet she said “Aw Thank you” She is the best!! I can’t way to meet her again!!!

This was my second meet and greet with Britney and it was awesome!! I came out from behind the backdrop singing Oops I did it again, changed the lyrics to relate to my trip and she was so pleased!!! She said: “ Awww you’re so sweet” “I love your outfit!!! She was so gorgeous, I cant even describe how amazing this day was!!!


Thanks for sharing your story with us Jen! If you want to be featured on our main page be sure to email us at [email protected]!