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Sep 12, 2015

#BritneySuperFans Update: @britneybyme Game!


Thats Eduardo Morelli. Last Month we posted Super Fan Eduardo (AKA. @britneybyme) `s CartooNEY, MangaNEY and AnimeNEY art collection. WELL… Eduardo Sanches Morelli is taking his Artwork TO THE NEXT LEVEL.



“After my first show in Vegas and meeting Britney Personally, I felt very, very inspired and I wanted to take my BritneyByMe project to a new level. I drew all the clothes, hairstyles, accesories, ect. related to her residency in Vegas… And I built an online game!!! It took me 8 months to get it operational.”

Dress Britney up in all her Iconic Outfits from “BOMT” to “Britney: Piece of Me”


Play the game HERE and be sure to check out Eduardo`s Artwork if you haven`t already! The Britney Army is so talented I cant even handle it. CONGRATS EDUARDO.

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P.S The Britney Army is waiting for another one of those BritneyByMe mug raffles, Eduardo 🙂