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Aug 26, 2015

Iggy Azalea Admires Britney`s Normal Family Life

Female rapper (and fellow Pretty Girl) Iggy Azalea talked to Capitol FM about how she admires the longevity of Britney`s career and Britney`s ability to keep a normal family life.


Iggy Azalea is making no secret of her admiration for Britney Spears – saying she has been inspired by how long Brits has been in the business and still managed to keep a normal home life.

The ‘Fancy’ rap star, who teamed up with Britney on ‘Pretty Girls’ earlier this year, says she feels “hope” for her own future when looking at how well Britney keeps her family life as normal as possibly despite her extreme fame.

“I definitely think it’s good to see Britney managing with the most extreme fame you could possibly ever have and being okay,” Iggy revealed, while chatting to The Fix. “That’s got to be claustrophobic.

“I know I feel claustrophobic sometimes so to see her surviving with a fairly normal private life gives me hope,” the rap star explained.


Iggy also praises JLO for her dedication and flawless professionalism, and talks about her new collaboration with Demi Lovato.

It`s always heartwarming to hear women in the industry praising each other for their hard work!



You can read the full interview HERE.

Credit: CapitolFM