Austin Martin’s Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

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Britney Army member, Austin Martin, met our Queen a few days ago and wanted to share his M&G story with the Britney Army! Check out Austin’s story below:

Being my second time meeting Britney in Vegas, I thought for sure, I wouldn’t be as nervous. But as I arrived to Planet Hollywood on Friday, everything became so surreal all over again. I was about to meet the “Queen of Pop”…. “Godney”… “SLAYney Spears”…

As 6 o’clock rolled around, all of us army members began gathering for the backstage tour where we were greeted by Miss Fe! As you all know, she is the most kind, sweet, adorable little lady you will ever have the honor to meet. So anyway, we began the tour by walking across the stage and down the catwalk (where I may or may not have “performed” a little Slave4U dance We were then escorted through the prop area and into the new costume room. Once in the room, we found Brit’s lead designer sewing a new zipper on her hot yellow number that she wears for DYWCO!

Brit’s design team gave us the run down on a day in the life when it comes to costume prepping, bejeweling, etc. In fact, it was interesting to know that each of the jewels (beads & crystals) that can be found on costumes like the green toxic one, are actually made from necklaces and bracelets that can be found at Charming Charlie! Her design team buys bags and bags of jewelry, disassembles them, then sews them onto some of Brit’s most iconic costumes!

After heading back to the front of the house, Fe (cute as a button) gave a rundown of some fun facts! Things like venue size, number of security members, amount of lighting/projectors, pyrotechnics, etc. One thing I found interesting was the fact that over 100 lbs of confetti is used throughout the show!

Now on to the juicy stuff… Being in the presence of GODNEY herself! As I walked around that backdrop for the second time, my heart was still pounding. There I was… Standing in front of my idol and one of the most beautiful women in the world.

As I walked towards her, she reached out and gave me a warm hug (she smelled amazing- cue the private show vibes lol). She asked me what my name was and complimented my shirt before putting her arm around me and snapping a quick picture. I thanked her and told her that she is and always will be an inspiration. But before I walked away, I wanted to let her know what her music has done for me… I told her how I was always the bigger kid in high school and how my weight really bothered me. I went on to say that with the help of her music, I was pumped and motivated to hit the gym each and every day (work bitch!).

Brit said “I have to ask, how much did you lose…” When I told her 75 lbs, her reaction was priceless! She put her hands over her mouth and said “Jesus Christ… That’s amazing, you look amazing..” (I died a little on the inside lol). She then went on to say that she loves to hear how her music has helped her fans! She said “I’ll have to keep that in mind when I write a record…” (Slay us Brit-Brit, SLAY us…)

Well, That’s my incredible night in a nutshell! I don’t want to spill too many beans about the tour. Have to keep some of the suspense, right?!

Soooo yea… Thanks for hearing me out and thanks to Britney Galaxy for letting me share! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram @TheAustinMartin!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Austin!