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Jul 23, 2018

Bonnie Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

It’s Meet and Greet story time bitch!

Check out Britney Army Fan, Bonnie, meet and greet story with Britney Spears:

Hi! My name is Bonnie. My dream literally came true on Thursday when I got to meet the legend Britney Spears! While waiting in line it was getting closer to be my turn and I was getting super anxious and honestly thought I was going to start hysterically crying. As soon as I turned the corner of the backdrop there she was just smiling so big at me and I melted. And can I just say how beautiful this women is in person, like pictures do not do her any justice! I think I blacked out a little bit because bits and pieces keep coming back to me. I immediately gasped and covered my face saying “omg I’m so nervous” and she was like “aww” and then she shook my hand and I introduced myself and asked for hugged and she said of course. Then I went on to say how everything she has been through and what she’s doing now is so inspiring and I’m pretty sure said “oh my gosh thank you so much”. I also told her I had written her a letter which she thanked me for again. I told her that my mom passed away last year which she then made a sad face and said aww and I proceeded to tell her that my husband and I quickly got married so my mom could see it and that our wedding date ironically happened to be December 2nd, her birthday, which she replied “omg so cool!” We then took our photo and she put her arm around me which was just so awesome to me. I thanked her and she said “I hope you have so much fun tonight” and I said with a huge smile “oh I will, thank you!!”. This was honestly the best moment of my life, I know some people are a little disappointed with how quickly it goes, but as someone who also struggles with anxiety, I couldn’t imagine having to meet so many people who know everything about me when I know nothing about them. I really hope she got to read my letter because it states some of those things and was really genuine. I wish I wasn’t so nervous so I could remember EXACTLY what happened but this was a dream come true and I love her even more now!

Thanks for sharing with us Bonnie! We are so happy your dream came true that night meeting Britney!!!