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Jul 25, 2018

Britney Cadott meet and greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

It’s meet and greet story time bitch!

Check out Britney’s meet and greet story on meeting the Queen B:

My Experience with Britney Spears

Twenty Years ago, I was drawn to a pop singer that shared the same first name as me. I have never met or seen another “Britney” before. The most common way to spell Britney is Brittany. I knew she was someone that was going to be a big part of my life from that day on. For the next two decades, I have followed Britney’s Career, including her acting. My favorite movie is Crossroads, of course! Britney is truly a role model of mine. People think I’m crazy for putting her up on a pedal stool like that. I went through a dark time around the same time Britney did. I even dyed my hair super dark. In the end, I saw she had the strength and support she needed to get through and come out the other side. I did just that. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Britney. I went and supported her on her last show in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a M&G for that night. However, I was front row and her family sat at the table in front of me. James and Lynn Spears along with Jamie Lynn, the boys, Maddie and Sam where all there supporting Britney. My boyfriend met Bryan Spears in the bathroom, such a small world! After being bummed about missing the M&G, the Britney gods answered my prayers and I got a second chance to meet her. This time, Britney was coming to my turf! The 15 seconds goes by so fast, but I will always treasure them. Britney was beyond sweet to me, even though I was so star struck and nervous. I said, “Hi Britney, it’s so nice to meet you!” and she replied, “It’s nice to meet you too!”. She gave me a hug and was happy to pose with me in the photo. It was the best feeling having your idol/role model give you the time of day and hug you! I loved watching Britney be in her own world up on the stage. She looks so happy up there. She even gave me some happy looks throughout her performance (I was front row center) and even gave my boyfriend a nice sexy face as well. Britney truly made a once in lifetime experience a great one for me, when she didn’t have to! I love you, Britney Jean Spears!

Thanks for sharing your awesome experience with us Britney! 🙂