Britney Spears is nominated for a “Women Silver State” Award! @britneyspears

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Attention Britney Army! It’s time to get your voting fingers out and start spreading the world because our Queen, Britney, is up for a nomination for this years “Silver State Awards”!

Silver State Awards” – Honors & Recognizes Excellence & Exemplary Achievements by Individuals & Companies in the great state of NEVADA. “Silver State Awards” has become one of the Nevada’s most coveted Awards presentation . There are five (5) Silver State Awards including, Women Awards, Culinary Awards, Latino Awards, Health & Fitness Awards and “Best of the Best” Awards, each with its own focus, list of categories, dates and non-profit partners. The “Silver State Awards “are the only on stage production awards presentation of it’s kind that is in English & Spanish and are supported by top political leaders in Nevada including The Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senators, Members of the U.S. Congress, Mayor & the Clark County Commissioners. “A True People’s Choice Award” over 280,000 votes were cast in the previous awards.

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This year Britney is nominated for “Entertainer of the Year”, which of course is very well deserved! Voting will End on Sunday, November 6, 2016. On Saturday, November 19, 2016 the Entertainment capital of the world will roll out the red carpet for the return of the highly anticipated awards ceremony, ” “The Best of Silver State Awards XVII- Women Awards.” Select your favorite Nominee in each category below. There is a one vote, one IP restriction to the number of votes that may be cast from one party. The final results are kept secret until the announcement, live on stage during the ceremony. NO programs, software, or any other tampering of the official voting site may be used. Such actions will result in termination of voting rights and possible removal of award category/nominee. TMG Entertainment Network reserves the right to make corrections to or eliminate award(s), award(s) category, or member(s) presenting an award(s), at any time, not excluding the night of the awards.

Click here to vote and spread the word. Remember you can only vote ONE time!