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Nov 15, 2015

Drew Galinis meet and greet story with @britneyspears! #PieceOfMe

drews meet and greet


Check out Britney Army member, Drew Galinis, meet and greet story with Miss Spears:

When I was 10 years old I convinced my dad to buy me the “Baby One More Time” Britney Spears Doll. I knew from that moment on I had the love and acceptance of my parents and Britney Spears in my corner.

As the years continued so did Britney’s presence in my life. Then freshman year “Gimme More” was released and it became the Fashion Institute of Technology’s anthem. Everyone blasted it, it was everyone’s ring back tone and any room you walked into was playing “Blackout”. The song brought together the group of friends I have and even to this day it’s my most played song.

The idea of meeting Britney was always that – an idea. Until I started working my new design job that had insane overtime hours and I decided to use my over-time checks towards the M&G. The nights were late but the power of Britney got me through and soon I purchased the M&G ticket.

Then the day came. Around 6 I went to the lobby alone – nervous yet excited when I met my M&G group. Immediately it felt like we were meant to be together. Lauren, Brittney, Rachel, Nancy, Marcus, Neil, Gary and I. We bonded over our love of Britney and what she had meant to us. It was clear that Britney was more then just a person – she became an idea to so many different people from different backgrounds who view her in different ways. Personally she was the sexy, goofy, talented and unapologetic yet approachable person I love.

Then we met Fe, who we all know and love, who took us backstage for the tour. The idea of ‘Britney’ came more into focus. The team who comes together to help create the image that we know and love as ‘Britney’. We got to hang in the lobby and see the costumes – another beloved aspect of what ‘Britney’ is. Then the time came. The girls went first. They returned crying. I was thirsty for any detail I could receive, what was she wearing? What style hair? I needed information.

The moment your heart truly sank to my stomach was when I could see her silhouette. This is the woman who I loved as a child. The dance moves I learned to ‘Oops’. The one I defended in 2007. The one I championed during the ‘Circus’ tour. This is the person – the constant in my life. More then half my life spent idolizing the concept of what ‘Britney Spears’ is.

Then I met her.

A shy and beautiful women. I got to tell her everything I wanted to tell. I got the weight lifted off my shoulders as I declared she was doll I got my dad to buy me and the song that brought me my friends in college. I got big accepting smiles and I got “Thank Yous” and I got genuine reactions – I no longer had the idea of the team of what made the ‘Britney Spears’ we all saw in the media, I got to see the woman and inspiration. The ringleader. The human spirit and driving force. The reason I believed and loved, I got to meet my idol.

If only for a few minutes ‘Britney Spears’ became more then a concept or an ideology.

She became a person.

She became a confidant.

She became a friend.

Glad you had an AWESOME experience Drew!!