Tim’s Meet and Greet Story with Britney! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

Check out Britney Army fan, Tim, meet and greet story with Britney:

I have been a Britney fan since the very beginning. Anytime my friends see or hear Britney, they instantly think of me. I’ve become “that Britney fan” in my hometown and I’m proud of it. I’ve seen the Piece Of Me show about 11 times but never purchased a meet and greet. On October 28, my dreams were going to come true. I finally purchased the package and I while I was nervous, I was still confident it would all go smooth. And it did 🙂 I met up with some fellow Britney Addicts who have met her before and they gave me all sorts of tips so I was happy I wouldn’t be alone. The time to meet her came so quickly and before I knew it we were on the backstage tour. The tour was amazing. Fe is incredible and I really enjoyed spending that time with her! In the costume room, we even got a special treat! One if the members was dressed in her BBMAs outfit, so Tish decided to pull out that costume from storage to show us. It was so amazing!!!! After the tour, Fe gave us a little break and then we were back in line for the rules. It was all starting to sink in. We walked in one by one and some fans came out happy and some were crying and I knew my time was coming. When I got up to the door there was still two people ahead of me. I could see Britney’s shadow behind the backdrop and I could see how comfortable she was being with fans and it really made me excited. Finally it was my turn. I turned the corner, and there she was in the flesh. I walked right up to her and put my hand out for her to shake and said “my name is Timmy.” She shook my hand, looked down at my bow tie and said “I really like your bow tie” then she put her arm around me and pulled me in for the photo. I did have something prepared to say but after she complimented me, my mind went blank. Before I left I said “you mean so much to me, I love you” and she said “thanks sweetie.” I was lucky enough to have left a card with Fe to give her that explained all what I wanted to say. Overall, it was an incredible experience for me. I feel complete after being a fan for so long. I look at the photo daily and smile because I’m so grateful for the opportunity. I want to do it again, but If I don’t get the chance that is fine because it happened and I couldn’t be happier. My photo turned out excellent and I will forever cherish it. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your story with us Tim!