Hillar-ious assumptions. A Meet And Greet Turns Political? @britneyspears

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would very well be aware that Britney recently posted a picture of a meet and greet (a free one we might add – super jealous) with a fan called Hillary Clinton…

Coincidentally, Hillary Clinton is currently campaigning to become the next president of the United States. Since we are stating facts, Hillary is also a former FLOTUS – she is married to the former US president, Bill Clinton.

This meet and greet was not a standard meet and greet, as for some strange reason, this sent the Twitter world and the press into a frenzy… Headline after headline suggested that Britney is backing Hillary for president… Excuse our ignorance, but WHAT?

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Now, do not get us wrong, sure, this could be a possibility as we do not know exactly who Britney is backing and what the reasons for her decisions are exactly, but we would like to know how everyone has come to this conclusion? If you are referring to the once posted and once removed #ImWithHer Instagram tag, we would call that reaching and a bit of an ambiguous term to back your statement… She did after all remove it, proving that she does not (and never has) involve herself with politics by swaying the votes based on her popularity.

Either way, who Britney backs, is frankly nobody’s business and she has the right to vote for whoever she feels fit to run the US.

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So in light of the current media circumstances, we decided to join in on the rumour mill and give you reasons as to why we think Hillary and Britney met up this week….

Hillary could have been asking Britney for some advice on presidential decisions…

Britney could have been offering advice on how to get more young people into jobs…

Hillary might have been convincing Brit to help her with her campaign, by giving her exclusive rights to the Original Doll album, The Perfume Video and the remaining footage from the Outrageous video, which she will only release if she gets voted into the White House..

Maybe Hillary was looking for a Deputy…

Hillary could have been looking for some free Vegas tickets – after all everyone wants to see the hottest show in town and shows are selling out…

There is a possibility that Britney is not telling us something, could Brit be considering running herself?

Or maybe, just maybe, they were in the same area at the same time and caught up for some tea and a fun chat..

You know what they say guys, do not assume, it makes an ass out of (yo)u and me….

Whether you like her or not, it would be wrong to ignore the fact that Hillary is a strong and inspirational woman and Britney was simply stating that she admired her for that. Either way, love her, hate her, say what you want about her, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to meet Britney, and Hillary did.

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UPDATE: Larry confirms Britney is not endorsing Hilary, click here to read the article.