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Apr 5, 2015

PLANET BRITNEY – Your Weekly Britney Fix – Edition 4

Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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This woman deserves an award! Like seriously – with her demanding career – Britney always finds time for her kids! Momney was out in full force, just look at these awesome shots:

Oh and when Danielle Steel’s sales boost this week – we know why… Just Sayin’

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Okay – so last week was just too much to handle right? I mean, we were hit with so many confirmations – we did not know if we were coming or going… PHEW! But do not even for a second think that things are slowing down from here! This week we had confirmations that a music video is being shot very soon and that the video was going to be directed by IGGY-IGGS herself! I mean WOAHHAA! After the flawless Black Widow music video followed by the super chick Trouble – we have to say that we are over excited! But, do not think that Britney will not have a creative input in this… you know our girl Britters. Iggy confirmed that Britney has been in chats discussing her own visions to be included in the video too. We have a feeling another award winning video is on its way soon..

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Did the title mislead you? Well if that did not work, this sure as hell will. Now remember that flawless Billboard magazine interview we got recently? Well Britney and Larry both confirmed that an album is just not the number 1 priority right now, which sent us all into a very dark place that included ice-cream, blankets, pizza and a 3 day ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Marathon… Just when we got over our turmoil – Iggy threw us another curve ball, stating that Britney’s album is ready for release. WHAAATTTT? I mean we cannot take it anymore – who is trolling us? Who is A? And what do they want from us??

Could there be a surprise release on the way, ala Beyonce (former Destiny’s Child member – for those wondering)? Is Iggy getting the wrong information? Is it May 5th already? I think our DVD remote needs new batteries… Can someone please bring us more ice-cream, pronto? Our current tub is running out…

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This past week is all about beaches.. first Hawaii and then this random release… Life Is A Beach – Live In Miami – The Onyx Hotel. There is all sorts of odd with this release. Firstly the cover art, need we explain more? Secondly, the VMA performance as the cover photo as opposed to the Onyx Hotel Tour and Thirdly, did Britney do a song called Protected? And here is us thinking that the spelling error in ‘Hold On Tite’ was a catastrophe… this just tops it all. But what is it that gets us most? Where did this even come from… is this an official release, or is someone playing ‘dodgy’ with us?

The album surprised the BARMY randomly this week and showed up on all major music sites. When we said we wanted an official Onyx Hotel release, we meant the DVD – but this will do too. Actually, we have been listening to it all day today here at the HQ – and the trip down memory lane has been super ‘BEACHY’ indeed..

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We did it again BARMY – we are unstoppable! We voted in hoards and we showed them all who the best fan base in the world is – not that they needed reminding in the first place! We smashed the lessers and they could not even handle our force..

It’s awesome to see we are as strong as ever – and congratulations for officially winning the title of The E! Online Best Fanbase of the Fandom Madness Tournament 2015! That is a tongue twister right there if we ever heard one…

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Drool! Can a woman look any sexier? This week saw the release of the ‘Eris’ and ‘Endine’ line promo videos from the one and only Intimate Britney Spears Collection and they are just amazing! We are loving this line – who thought the collection could get any hotter than the first release?

Britney, could you just wear this for your entire POM show instead? Seriously – we would not be complaining…

Click HERE for Endine and HERE for Eris.



BOB-NEY is back y’all – and we Love it!! It is smoking and giving us EMA 1999 T’s! 16 years on and looking just as smokin’ – We mean, when will your faves?

Could this be the look of the Pretty Girls video ala Born To Make You Happy bandwagon?

Who do you know that looks this good shopping at Target? Britney does not even have to try and she looks amazing!

Easter shopping Brit? We hope you are having a chilled day with family – fueling up and getting ready for era 9…. We are ready..!!

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This week – we celebrate the birth of Britney’s flawless sister. Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn! We hope there was a lot of chillin’ and wine drinkin’ between the inseparable pair!

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Ok, even though we know that this is virtually impossible with the Vegas schedule already in place, but we would totally be down for Britney making a return appearance as judge on the X Factor. This would totally make the UK fans Scream and Shout! Seems like Cowell is in desperate need to boost ratings for his flagship show and is looking to recruit some big names and of what bigger name to have other than B?

We really wish this would be true – so the overseas fans could have some much needed B time!! But we admit that we are not holding our breath..

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Flashback time! This week marked the anniversary of the Britney Spears, ‘Will And Grace’ episode. Remember when Britney played the hard-core lesbian Amber-Louise. We do – it is one of our fave Will and Grace episodes ever! In fact if they make more episodes like this, we will eat it, snort it and ride it, baby!!

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Yes, Britter – cause let’s be fair, it is the main reason you have a Twitter account in the first place right? Or is it just us? Let’s see what Brit has been up to on the social networking scene this week:


This is just super adorable. Britney posted this drawing of Spongebob by her artistic son Preston. What do you think?

Frame worthy, if you ask us. Click HERE to read more…


It is happening – a long term friendship is blossoming. Britney added Iggy to Instagram and Twitter this week. I know we keep saying it… but Pretty Girls is on it’s way….

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Totes Hillare! Watch Brit Slam in to a glass door to promote a new short clips site called Dips!

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