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Mar 29, 2015

PLANET BRITNEY – Your weekly Britney fix – Edition 3


Have not got the time to catch up on Britney news every day? Well, we have got your back! Every week we will post the highlights of the past week and summarise the most important Britney news of the week.

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Last week we ended off with an exclusive – that Brit was at an airport going somewhere – but now we finally know where she was going – Hawaii!! Just look at that smoking hot beach body! Brit had everyone talking about that figure – but something else seemed a BRIT different.. could that be an engagement ring?

Well, we will just have to wait and see… Brit seemed to be having heaps of fun and truly looks happy – wish we were there with her! Look at the lucky fans that managed a snap shot with B:

But all fun and games over – Brit reminded us that you need to get back to reality and work – if you want to keep having great holidays like this. Look at this cute snap she shared on her social networking sites as a farewell to her fave holiday spot:

Ahh – living the dream – glad our Brit had some time with her boys!

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Look – We were little excited about the news.. OK….?? No judging!



Finally!! We have a date – let the countdown begin! Thanks to the flawless People Mag interview (and Iggy’s management team) – we finally have a release date for #PRETTYGIRLS – and we cannot wait. So spread the word – 5 MAY – the day – that B will slay.. (this rhyme was completely on purpose – *CRINGE*)

As if that news was not exciting enough – Britney confirmed that there will be a video for the shoot – PHEEWWW!! After the Giorgio scare – we thought that there would be no new videos this year!

BUT WAIT – THERE IS MORE!!! The Invisible Men confirmed that they have produced the track! This is all falling into place! Finally we have all the news we need!

So tell us what you, what you waiting for?? Start the promo work! Let’s get the hype up for the event of the year! We even have a banner for you to get the ball rolling!! Thank us later..

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Lipsky strikes again – with this flawless shoot! Remember Womens’ Health? Yup – same guy! Following how amazing these photos are – I feel that Jeff should be the photographer for album 9! What do you think? Just look at these flawless pics..

Brit looks super happy! We here at HQ could not stop smiling – so amazing!! Just look at this pic and tell us that it does not bring you to a happy place…

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OK – this is making us feel a little old – Can you actually believe it has been 15 years since Brit released Oops!? I mean – it feels like yesterday that we were sitting by the radio – refusing to go anywhere until we heard the exclusive release on the prime time shows… come to think of it.. Cassettes were still around back then… oh ghaaaad! Just running shy of Sweet 16 – Happy Birthday Oops!… I did It Again!

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Not one to shy away and always there to steal a moment – the super confident Overprotected (Dark Child Remix) Shares a Birthday week with Oops! too.. Remember this flawless video? Ahh pure perfection:

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The super confident, super hero, super chick, Femme Fatale celebrates her Birthday too. What a way to cover 3 amazing eras and celebrate them all in one week! This week marks the release of Britney’s Femme Fatale, 4 years ago! Time flies. Thank you B for this super perfect album.

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The Titanic queens ( Oops! and well… the real Titanic) share a mutual support it seems. Just recently Britney mentioned that Celine inspired her to do Vegas, when she was invited to her hotel room and now it seems that Celine is a super Brit fan too. Her words exactly? ‘There is only one Britney!’ Damn right! There will never be another Queen B! Amazing to see the iconic Celine stanning for our B – we love you Celine! We think you should do a mash up of ‘Oops’ and ‘My Heart Will Go On’ in Vegas – just sayin’…..


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WE DID IT AGAIN! Conrats B-Army – we voted in thousands and officially declared Queen B the queen of Vegas.. As if B did not have enough awards – she is now officially the Best Overall Vegas Act and the Best Bachelorette Party in Vegas.


We knew you could do it B-Army – we prove yet again – that there is no stopping us!

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