Lucy Hale Gushes About Britney To Rolling Stone Country



Lucy Hale sat down with Rolling Stone Country to reflect on how music allows her to play her most fulfilling role herself and of course she didn’t forget to talk about her inspirational love for Britney.

Interviewer: In addition to Princess Jasmine, you were also a big Britney fan, right?

Lucy: Everyone’s always like, “Wait…” because I tell them my influences, which are Shania Twain and Martina McBride, and then Britney Spears is thrown in the mix. I wasn’t really allowed to watch MTV, but late at night when my parents were sleeping I would watch music videos and I remember seeing this beautiful young girl dancing in risqué clothing and singing this unbelievably catchy song, and it was just so intriguing to me. And like every girl in America, I became a Britney Spears fan.

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Britney Spotted At Staples Center – and she is back to blonde!


Our pop princess was seen enjoying a hockey game with her son Jayden at Staples Center in LA. She is back to blonde after being brunette for 5 months.


Britney Dominating The Billboard Boxscore


In a city posited on taking risks, Britney Spears has proven that she isn’t one of them.

At least not if you’re judging by how well her residency at Planet Hollywood Resort is doing.

With Spears leading the way, here are the numbers on some recent shows in town courtesy of Billboard’s Boxscore:

Britney Spears

Venue: The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort

Dates: April 25-26, 30, May 2-3, 7, 9-10, 14, 16-17

Gross sales: $7,850,813

Attendance/capacity: 48,901/49,290

Number of shows/sell outs: 11/7

Ticket prices: $495, $174, $94, $54

Sky Ferreira: “Britney Spears is my favorite pop star”

There are many celebs who stan for Britney, and Sky Ferreira is one of them.

I think Britney Spears is my favorite pop star, if you’re going to go super, super pop star, besides Madonna. The thing about Britney Spears is there’s something a little weird and dark about her obviously — it’s genuinely dark — but I love how she’s never changed or never tried to catch up. I notice a lot of them get really weird and they try to catch up to the younger girls, or they’re threatened in some weird way about that. She embraces them; she always becomes friends with them and sings on their songs, but also she still f***ing dresses the same from like 2001. She’s still wearing her thongs outside her jeans. That’s why she’s so much cooler that everyone else.

Sky said this in an iHeartRadio interview. She also said that Dream Within a Dream is her favourite Britney tour.

Read the whole story here!

Jamie Lynn Covered Oops I Did It Again

Jamie Lynn did a cover of her sisters iconic song Oops!.. I Did It Again. Enjoy!

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