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Sep 7, 2014

Meet & Greet story from our forum member Lauren4

You may have seen the article about a meet and greet “chaos”..well I’d like to tell the real story while sharing my experience!
Before I start, I had a “toxic” nude catsuit made for my m&g.

When it was my turn, I walked around the corner and Britney’s face lit up when she saw my outfit and she burst out an “awh! oh my goodness!” and I threw my hands over my mouth in shock! I walked towards her, held my hand out and said “Hi Britney, I’m Lauren.” and Britney shook my hand and greeted me. I was freaking out and blurted out “I love you so much!” and she HUGGED me while letting out an “awh!”..we proceeded to take the picture. Britney put her arm around me and pulled me in super close! (I’ll post my picture as well so you can see how she’s leaning into me!)
After the picture, Larry and Brit’s assistant were standing right there, I said “I wrote you a letter about some personal issues you’ve helped me through and I was wondering if I could give it to you?” The whole time I was talking she was smiling and looking me directly in my eyes. We both turned towards Larry and her assistant, they both nodded, and Britney looked at me and replied “oh of course!” I handed Britney the letter and she thanked me and seemed genuinely excited.

When I walked out, security followed behind me and talked to me for no longer than one minute. He simply asked me if I had permission to hand Brit the letter. Once he confirmed that with her team, everything was fine and I went about going to my seat.

It was posted *elsewhere* that I caused a huge commotion and ruined everyone else’s experience. Yet my friend who went directly after me had an amazing experience.

The person who was “quoted” for that story was exaggerating what happened. I had an amazing experience and I wanted to share!


Thanks for giving us the inside scoop. It’s always great to know the true side of things. It’s also wonderful hearing stories about meeting Brit Brit.
If anyone of you have a meet and greet story let us know. Send us pic with your story so we can also post it!

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