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Posted on
Jul 13, 2018

[email protected] Has Added #Clumsy and #ChangeYourMind To #PieceOfMe! #PieceOfMeTour #WashingtonDC


Britney Spears has added Glory album tracks “Clumsy” and “Change Your Mind” to her #PieceOfMe Tour!

She has performed them in a medley tonight at her tour in Washington D.C.! She also added a Migos dance break to her Slave 4 U performance!

Check out the videos here:




Slay us, Britney!

That Clumsy performance was pure slayage wow! A great addition to the show! The best performance of the night YAS!

Clumsy is a potential hit; it can still be sent to radio as a brief promo single to promote the tour, while we wait for “I Feel So Free With You” featuring Pitbull!

Let’s hope she works with the Clumsy producer (Oak Felder) again for #B10!

 We also hope she adds her fan favorite track “Better” to #PieceOfMe 😍

The meet and greets from last night also slayed us right to the core!

Check out this flawless Meet and Greet with a huge Britney DMV fan in Washington D.C.: