Jodi Montgomery is now Britney’s Conservator until January 2020

Jodi Montgomery is now Britney’s Conservator until January 2020

Members of Britney’s legal team, along with Kevin Federline attorney, and Britney’s mother Lynne’s lawyer, appeared in LA County Court to discuss the removal of Jamie Spears as conservator, today Monday September 9th. It turns out that the Judge approved, Jodi Montgomery, who has been taken care of Britney for a couple of years. 

This is only temporarily. We must try to remain positive and we MUST stick together Britney Army. Stop fighting with each other and turning against each other. We are a family.  We must BE united as a TEAM for us to help Britney. We must continue being supportive of Britney and having faith. There is another scheduled court hearing on Wednesday, September 18th. Let’s hope for the best Britney Army and remain positive!! We are not worried.


Britney Spears Doctor Dies Suddenly

Britney Spears Doctor Dies Suddenly

All we can say is, What the actual fuck?

According to TMZ, The doctor who was responsible for Britney Spears  medical treatment died suddenly, just weeks before the judge in her conservatorship case will receive a report focusing on whether she was receiving appropriate treatment.

Lynne Spears will be attending the Court Hearing about the Conservatorship!!

Lynne Spears will be attending the Court Hearing about the Conservatorship!!

Queen Lynne Spears is coming to save the day as always!

If you have not heard the news, Jamie wants a judge to let him take a breather for a few months as Britney’s conservator and put one of his people in his place “Temporarily”, (insert eye roll)


TMZ reported that they spoke to Lynne Spears lawyer and they said they will be attending the Court Hearing that will be taken place about Britney’s conservatorship, which we at Absolute Britney can confirm as well that she will be attending, because with TMZ we know they never post the truth a lot, but she will definitely be there!

We are hoping Britney does attend the court hearing because it would be awesome to see her but if not we totally understand! We can’t imagine what she might be feeling lately with all this stuff going on but we know she is very strong, which we always admired about her. Let us think positive and hope Britney attends, if not we have Queen Lynne Spears to help save the day because like Anthony says “GOOD ALWAYS WINS!”!

Keep thinking positive Britney Army and sending good thoughts and vibes out to Britney and Lynne!!!






Jamie Spears is asking to Temporarily Step Down as Britney’s Conservator!! #FreeBritney

Jamie Spears is asking to Temporarily Step Down as Britney’s Conservator!! #FreeBritney

We feel that Jamie maybe playing dirty right now…..

It looks like Jamie Spears is asking to temporarily step down as Britney’s conservator until  January 20th 2020, According to TMZ.


We will still keep the faith going because things can change and like always GOOD ALWAYS WINS!

Thoughts on this???

Britney Spears father may be removed as Conservator after Child Abuse Allegations! #FreeBritney

Britney Spears father may be removed as Conservator after Child Abuse Allegations! #FreeBritney


The minute The Blast reported this, we had tears coming down our eyes because Britney Spears may actually be freed from negativity.

The Blast has reported that Jamie Spears may be removed as Conservator after Child Abuse Allegations, apparently this could cost his role as Britney’s conservator.

The Blast reported:

However, there is now a restraining order in place barring him from having contact with Britney and Kevin Federline’s two sons, which could impact his professional dealings with Britney when she has custody of the boys. Sources familiar with the situation tell us the recent allegations against Jamie will be front and center in the investigation into the conservatorship

We’re told the court-appointed investigators will interview both 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jayden, as well as K-Fed to determine how everything moves forward.

We’re told everyone involved in the incident, where Jamie allegedly broke down a door to “violently” shake Britney’s son, could be called to testify before the judge in the conservatorship case.

The judge will have to evaluate the evidence and decide if Jamie can be left in charge of the conservatorship, when he clearly has trouble interacting with key people in Britney’s personal life.

It’s not the first time Jamie’s relationships with people in the conservatorship has been brought into question, as longtime senior advisor Andrew Wallet, recently bailed on the group after taking issues with decisions Jamie made regarding Britney’s professional and personal life.

Now who would take over the conservatorship if Jamie is taken off? Well…the blast is saying that Queen Lynne Spears would take it over!!

The Blast wrote: As for who could replace Jamie, our sources say the top contender may be Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears.

Lynne has been a source of strength for Britney since the beginning, and recently reappeared to take a more active role in both her personal life and the conservatorship.

As we reported, Lynne hired and attorney and filed documents making it clear she wanted to be in the loop on medical and career decisions for Britney, and was even seen accompanying Britney to court when she began waging a war against the stronghold the conservatorship has over her life.

Whoever the court ultimately puts in charge of the conservatorship, the most important thing is Britney’s safety and well-being, and that will be the only factor considered by the judge.

Let’s think positive Britney Army and continue sending good vibes and thoughts to Britney and Lynne! As I (Anthony) have always stated: Good ALWAYS WINS and The Truth will always be REVEALED in the end!! 

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