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Posted on
Feb 22, 2023

Britney Spears Serves Looks and Sass in Instagram Video, Tells People Don’t Call The Cops

Stop everything you’re doing and check out Britney Spears’ latest Instagram video. It’s a total slay-fest. In the video, she’s rocking not one but two gorgeous dresses – a pink glittery number and a stunning gold one.

But there’s more to this video than just stunning fashion. Britney drops an important quote in the video: “So, guys, I just want you to know, if I ever shut down my Instagram, do not call the cops.” Talk about a great statement! We love that Britney is confident and in control of her life, and she’s not gonna let anyone mess with her.

We totally love the caption

Stay humble out there, y’all 🦄🦄 !!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star ⭐️ now have you heard ??? Carry on peeps …

She’s still slaying it. And for once, she’s not the one making the dresses – she reveals that a company sent them to her. But honestly, who cares who made them? Britney could rock a paper bag and still look like a queen.