[email protected] Is Coming Back Soon!

.@britneyspears Is Coming Back Soon!


Britney Spears might be returning to the spotlight soon, according to an article from Entertainment Tonight! There is great news regarding her dad, Jamie Spears! He is reportedly doing “much better“! We are so glad that her dad is recovering and doing better!

In the ET article, a source told them “Britney loves her career and her fans, so the decision to step away from her career wasn’t easy, but she just wanted to be there for her dad, as he’s always been there for her.” The source also said “She definitely plans to return to performing once she knows her father is in the clear.”

You’re in our thoughts, Jamie Spears! We wish you a full recovery!

We love you, Britney Spears!


Stream her amazing Bloodpop produced and Justin Tranter written bop, “Better”, while we wait for our queen to return and slay us all!


[email protected]_xcx Wants To Work With @britneyspears! @MostRequestLive #MostRequestedLive @iHeartRadio

.@charli_xcx Wants To Work With @britneyspears! @MostRequestLive #MostRequestedLive @iHeartRadio


Pop star and songwriter Charli XCX has revealed that she wants to work with Britney Spears! In a #MostRequestedLive “Ask Anything Chat” with Romeo, she revealed that Britney Spears would be her dream collaboration! How amazing is that?!

Check out what she had to say below:

We are here for it! She can create some iconic bops for Britney! She is a natural at crafting music and making/toplining amazing melodies! Charli XCXNey would slay!

Make sure to tune in to #MostRequestedLive with Romeo, Karianne, Tracy and DJ Jay Mac every Saturday from 7 P.M. to 12 A.M. EST via the iHeartRadio app on z104.3!

Here is some of her work:

“1999” Feat. Troye Sivan

#B10 Executive Producer @justtranter Posts Pic With @only1DANJA! @britneyspears

#B10 Executive Producer @justtranter Posts Pic With @only1DANJA! @britneyspears


3 is a charm, 2 is not the same…

#B10 Executive Producer Justin Tranter posted a pic on his Instagram story with the amazing “Gimme More” producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills! Danja then tweeted the pic on his page! OMG!

What could this possibly mean?!

An entertainment company Danja is involved with, also had a section on their website where it listed Danja as producing “multiple tracks” on Britney Spears’ 10th Studio album with RCA Records aka #B10, which you can read about here. A week later, Danja posted a cryptic and exciting tweet with the caption “Welcome to the Jungle” with the #B10 hashtag. One day later, the executive producer of #B10 “Justin Tranter” (who wrote Britney’s amazing bop “Better” for Glory) posted a picture with producer Danja.

It’s almost official and we are very excited! DanjaNey Is Coming!

Add Max Martin (Femme Fatale Executive Producer), Savan Kotecha (He wrote If U Seek Amy, I Wanna Go, Up N Down), Ilya, Shellback (Produced 3), Billboard Matt (Produced Inside Out, Hold It Against Me, Till The World Ends With Max Martin) and Calvin Harris to #B10 and you basically have an album of the decade!

Absolute Britney would like to know which producers you would like on Britney Spears’ 10th studio album #B10! Be sure to tweet us on our Twitter page @AbsoluteBritney and tell us!

Here is a list of songs Danja produced for Britney:


  • Gimme More
  • Break The Ice
  • Get Naked
  • Hot As Ice
  • Perfect Lover
  • Outta This World (Bonus Track)
  • Get Back (Bonus Track)


  • Kill The Lights
  • Blur
  • Rock Boy (Bonus Track)
  • Abroad (Unreleased)
  • Take The Bait (Unreleased)
  • Flamethrower (Unreleased)
  • Follow (One) (Unreleased)


[email protected] Tweets #B10 @britneyspears Hint! @justtranter

.@only1DANJA Tweets #B10 @britneyspears Hint! @justtranter


Brace yourselves because our wigs are about to be SNATCHEDT!

The iconic producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills has just tweeted a caption titled “Welcome to the jungle” with the #B10 (Britney’s 10th studio album) hashtag!

What could this possibly mean?! Jungle theme/jungle tropical house beats?! We are definitely getting some iconic bangers!

A few weeks ago, Absolute Britney has reported info regarding an entertainment site that had “Danja” listed as writing and producing multiple tracks for Britney’s upcoming 10th studio album. Justin Tranter has also confirmed that he is the executive producer of #B10 (Tranter is the iconic genius behind Britney’s amazing tropical house bop “Better”!)

You can possibly count his recent tweet as him confirming his involvement with #B10!

Are you rea9y for the slayage #BritneyArmy? DanjaNey is coming! 😉

[email protected] Might Be Working With @only1DANJA For #B10! @justtranter

.@britneyspears Might Be Working With @only1DANJA For #B10! @justtranter


There is a HUGE possibility that the legendary miss Britney Spears might be working with the amazing producer Nathaniel “Danja” Hills (who is responsible for many of the big tracks on #Blackout such as #GimmeMore and #BreakTheIce) on her new album!

According to Primary Wave, which is an entertainment company Danja is involved with, Danja has worked with Britney Spears on “Multiple Tracks” for her 2019 release on RCA Records (most likely referring to her 10th studio album #B10 which is executive produced by the iconic Justin Tranter). This means B10 will probably be released this year! It also mentions Danja both producing and writing (P, W) songs for her new album.

We hope this is true! Justin Tranter, thank you for slaying us all! Danja and Max Martin are the #1 fan choices and producers that the #BritneyArmy have been demanding for years! Can’t wait for #DanjaNey! Danja, Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Ilya, Calvin Harris, Benny Blanco, StarGate, Shellback, Mattman & Robin, Billboard Matt, DJ Snake and Dillon Francis would be amazing #B10 additions!


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