Kevin Williams Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

Kevin Williams Meet and Greet story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe

Its Meet and Greet story time bitch!

Flawless Britney Army Fan, Kevin Williams, met Queen B last night! Check out his story below:

I was already anxious before my long-awaited meet and greet with Britney for one reason: my name. Never in my life had I wished so much my parents didn’t name me KEVIN. So I thought: I have to stand out in a better way.
Our VIP tour consisted of about 25 people. Our host, who gave us the backstage tour and answered our questions, was amazing. Then came time for the big moment.
I should warn you if you plan to do a meet and greet: They are FAST. Like, blink, and you’re done. I could tell from the rate at which people were going in and coming out of the room that this moment was going to be brief, albeit amazing.
When I turned the corner and saw her, she was standing there poised, engaged, and of course beautiful. I said, “Hi! How are you?” She smiled and said “Hi! I like your shirt!”
MY shirt!
I said, “Oh, thank you!” as we turned to the camera for our photo. Then, knowing I only had a couple of seconds left, I told her what I wanted to say:
“I just wanted you to know your first album was the first CD I ever got — for my 10th birthday,” I said as her security guard step toward me to move it along. “That was a time in my life when my parents were separating, my dad almost died, and I was bullied in school — and your music was my only safe place. So thank you.”
“That’s so nice! Thank you so much!” she said.
She listened to me the whole time, eyes locked on mine, even as the staff tried to keep things running on time.
I’m so grateful I made the most of a big moment. I had been waiting to tell her that for 20 years and her attention meant the world to me. The photo is just the cherry on top!
Thank you so much Kevin for sharing your story with us! We are so happy you had an awesome experience!

Sean’s Meet And Greet Story With @britneyspears!

Sean’s Meet And Greet Story With @britneyspears!

Britney Fan “Sean” With Britney Spears At MGM National Harbor In Washington D.C.


We have a flawless meet and greet story of a huge Britney fan “Sean” meeting the legendary miss Britney Spears!

Here it is:

Britney inspires me because she is a self-made superstar that has managed to sustain an exceptional amount of humility and appears to value what is most important (to me) – family. I respect how hard she’s worked to get where she is, she’s exceptional at what she does, and I love the way she treats people from all walks of life with kindness. Those actions are inspiring to me, and that’s the type of person I want to be. I should probably tell her that one day 😊. Now to what I did tell her…

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my favorite artist of all time twice in Vegas, however 3 is a charm, 2 is not the same. I met her around the VMA’s (2015 & 2016). Seeing Britney on the VMA’s has always been a highlight, so it was a dream within itself to meet her within that timeframe. Last time I saw Britney, she released “Glory” that week, wore a shirt I bought her on my 30th birthday, and invited our group to the Today Show filming. Let’s be real, I was Lucky in Vegas, but I had to take the gamble in DC.

The day of my show, I ran into Brit’s dad, said a quick hi, and gave him what I brought for Britney. The backstage tour was OK (Fe spoiled us with love, knowledge, energy and funny stories in Vegas so she was missed), seeing the wardrobe and the team was still a highlight for me. My M&G wardrobe was a t-shirt saying “3 is a charm” with a graphic that could also be read as “B is a charm”, and a picture of young me on the back.

When it came to Britney, I walked up shook her hand, and introduced myself. She shook my hand and said “nice to meet you”. I explained my shirt to her, essentially saying it was my 3rd POM show, 3rd time meeting her, and I really enjoyed Vegas (left out how 3 is also in my top 3 songs). I also let her know I was very excited that she liked that PokeMom shirt I got her, and that she wore it on my 30thbirthday. She was polite, attentive, thanked me and gave me the verbal and physical queues that I could keep going. I showed her the back of my shirt which had me as a middle school kid, and I said “I’ve liked you since I was this little guy” – I wasn’t facing her, so I couldn’t see her initial reaction, but her team though it was hilarious – and she thought it was sweet. I had to retake my initial picture because my hand gesture was out of the picture, but once we finished with the retake, we exchanged a hug, and I wished her good luck, and she told me to enjoy the show. Fast forward, the whole group had to retake our photos, which meant I got to meet her again! The group was ecstatic and filled with positive vibes – and everyone was coming out with remarkable stories and letting me know she switched sides. While I was in line people kept making jokes like “4’s a charm”, “5’s a charm” to me, so by the time I walked into Britney I said “Yay, I get to meet you again! Looks like 5’s a charm!” and she said something like “Yes it is.” (started losing track of the dialog cause because I was so excited at that point – probably can see in the photo). I also told her that I forgot to mention that I gave something to her dad to give to her. I wanted to keep it short and sweet this time. We took our photo.  I told her to have fun, and I’ll be in the front row dancing. She said her goodbyes, and I walked out smitten. The show was fantastic, I was front and center which was wayyy worth it. When I saw Larry R. briefly after the show he asked if I enjoyed the show, noted that he saw me dancing. I definitely loved the show (keep adding those Glorious tunes) and was dancing. It was a great experience – and I cannot wait to see her again!

Sean also adds “team B made a joke that 5 is a charm could be a new song”

We absolutely LOVE that story! Iconic meet and greet picture is iconic! Thanks for sending in your story, Sean! Hope you get to meet Britney again! 😉

[email protected]’s “Ew!” With @britneyspears Is Here! @FallonTonight #BritneyOnFallon #FallonTonight

.@jimmyfallon’s “Ew!” With @britneyspears Is Here! @FallonTonight #BritneyOnFallon #FallonTonight


Jimmy Fallon’s Ew! segment with Britney Spears is here!

Watch it in full below:

OMG Live VocalNey! 😍😍

Britney is perfect in this!

We need more of these kinds of segments in the future please; especially Saturday Night Live! 🤗🤗

[email protected] Posts #tbt Picture With @britneyspears!

.@MariahCarey Posts #tbt Picture With @britneyspears!


Mariah Carey has posted a #tbt picture with Britney Spears on her official Twitter and Instagram pages!

Check out the slayage:

Two legends! We stan! 😍

We definitely need an iconic collab! 😉

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