Miranda Lambert, inspired by Britney Spears, lost 45 pounds!

ll eyes were on country singer Miranda Lambert as the blonde beauty flaunted her new toned physique at the 2013 CMT Music Awards Wednesday, June 4. Various reports claim that the blonde beauty dropped 45 pounds, but the question is how did she do it?


Lambert, the wife of The Voice judge Blake Shelton, made a choice to live a healthier lifestyle by eating right and opting for more high-fiber, low-calorie food. Additionally, Lambert has also put herself in a challenging fitness regimen and does regular workouts with her trainer.
What is specific about her weight loss is the star’s inspiration, Us Weekly noted earlier that the star is motivated by Britney Spears.
She was quoted as saying: “If I put on Britney, I can picture Britney’s body, and I’m like, ‘Oh! Faster!’ :londonomg2:
-Remember when Blake Shelton threw some shade at Britney while he was in Vegas? Hopefully he won’t be getting Miranda’s toned ass anymore. :yeahsure:

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