Trey Cudlip Meet and Greet Story with Britney Spears! #PieceOfMe @britneyspears

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It’s spotlight time on the Britney Army!

Today we are featuring our spotlight on Britney Army member,Trey Cudlip, who is sharing his meet and greet story with us. Check out his awesome story on meeting Britney:

This was something I honestly never thought would happen. I never thought it would be in reach growing up. I saw the show in August, which was the one Buzzfeed wrote about being her comeback! So in the fall I noticed they added a second package so I called the VIP box office and asked if I could do the VIP experience but have a ticket in the pit, and they said yes! So I was pumped to meet her and be in the pit for the show! I saw the show February 24th. I will say it was the most surreal moment of my life, I met up in the group at 6:30 and the security took us to met Fe! Fe is so sweet and friendly. She took us on stage and gave us inside info on the lighting and the crew. We saw props and hung out in her quick change and I stood right next to her wardrobe which the sizes are SO small. They told us how they bought the beeds and jewelry on the clothes from a discount jewelry store and the designer and Fe glue them on haha. I strudded down the runway feeling like Brit haha. We also were able to touch the Me Against the Music wall! Once the tour was over we sat in the audience chairs awaiting Britney, but I gave Fe a present for Britney which is a blue birthstone necklace with the initial B due to our birthdays being a day apart, mine the 3rd. She nicely took the present to Britney. Once they were ready they took us outside backstage in the ally which seemed odd haha. They gave us the rules which were no touching. Fe also gave us a talk saying “Britney is shy and she feeds off your energy and how you act, and say what you want to say, if you want to tell her she helped you from the bottom of your broken heart, do it!” Hahaha. So we got in line and pit all our stuff like cellphones, wallets and spiky jewelry in a TSA type box and they said they’d give things back after. Also men could not gave hands in pockets. So I awaited in line nervous and worried I’d have an anxiety attack ha. I turned the corner to the backdrop after AJ and Kevin from the backstreet Boys took a photo with her and stood by me with Larry and chatted! It was my time and I turned the corner and she said in a shy little voice “hi I’m Britney” put her arm around me and we took the photo. After I took her hand like a weirdo and in a wobbly voice said ” I just wanted to say thank you, you helped me through the suicide of my mother with your music and my anxiety, thank you so much for what you do.” She followed with ” aw, god bless you, thank you.” The show was great, and after I saw Zac one of her dancers hanging out outside the theater, we took a photo and started saying “the new set” and before I could finish he said “it’s better, isn’t it!?” So I ranted on about how elegant and sexy the moves are for TOMH. and BOM and he agreed! Overall the best experience of my life!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Trey! We are glad you had an awesome time!


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