Competition time again!! And the prize is epic!


But we are not going to give it away so easy.. We need you to Work Bitch! So how can you win this amazing fabric Britney Blackout poster?

Well you need to get creative… You all know Pretty Girls is coming out soon… YAY!!! So we want to see the most creative ways of promoting it.

We want to get the Pretty Girls hype up and we want to make it fun! For example – making Britney and Iggy Christmas decorations and hanging them on every tree in your town.. Or making an 80’s inspired video to advertise on social media.. how’s about creating Pretty Girls postcards and handing them out at the subway (videos needed).. Be as creative as possible!!

You have until SUNDAY 26 APRIL, mid day GMT to submit your creative ways of promoting Pretty Girls.

The person that gets the most attention and entertains us wins – simple!! So, you will need to promote like crazy to get as many likes as possible! Get the word out using #PrettyGirlsPromotion and #BritneyGalaxyCompetion. Post your efforts here and you can enter as many times as you want!

General info:

You can enter from any country in the world.

You need to be a Universe member to qualify.

You need to be following us on Twitter or Facebook.

The winner will be selected by the BG HQ – but the person with the most likes on Universe, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will stand the best chance of winning!

The poster is made out of fabric – for longer lasting quality.

Good Luck! Let the most creative person win!!