Britney Spears new single is coming out VERY soon! #B9

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Looks like Robin Leach was right about Britney’s new single coming very soon….

According to Jesse Reynolds, who works for radio station 106.9, tweeted that he had confirmation from Sony that Britney Spears new single will be hitting the radio station within a month. Check out his tweet below:

Jesse Reynolds ‏@ifyouseekjesse 3h3 hours ago:
Sooner than you think too! Got word from Sony that a new @britneyspears single is hitting #radio within a month! #B9

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We are HOPING this is true! Britney-Galaxy normally never post any rumors on our site but considering Jesse Reynolds is a HUGE radio announcer and is very reliable, we figured to give this some attention.

Are you ready for Britney’s new single?!?!?!?!

Thanks to our flawless member Blackoutego for finding this for us!